CIA in Libya reported that Benghazi was a terrorist attack in first 24 hours

From CNS News.


Within 24 hours of the deadly attack, the CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington that there were eyewitness reports that the attack was carried out by militants, officials told The Associated Press. But for days, the Obama administration blamed it on an out-of-control demonstration over an American-made video ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

[…][T]he issue has given Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney an opportunity to question Obama on foreign policy and national security, two areas that have received little attention in an election dominated by the U.S. economy. Obama’s signature national security accomplishment is the military’s killing of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Ryan was teeing up the issue for Monday’s presidential debate on foreign policy.

“I’m excited we’re going to have a chance to talk about that on Monday,” Ryan said.

Obama, speaking Thursday on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” insisted that information was shared with the American people as it came in. 

I am looking forward to that debate on foreign policy, this Monday night.

Previously, I blogged about how the State Department account of the events also contradicted the Obama administration’s account, which made Muslims look like innocent victims of offensive free speech by Americans. The Obama campaign is not doing too well in its fundraising, so they can ill afford to offend one of their most-favored constituencies by making them look like the bad guys.

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One thought on “CIA in Libya reported that Benghazi was a terrorist attack in first 24 hours”

  1. This is why you’re gonna be under Obama for four more years (and taking my class) – you believe a couple of Americans dying in a country almost no one knows where it is and even fewer care about will have any impact on anything.

    I did a simple stroll poll here in Irvine CA – which is very republican. I’ve asked about 20 – 25 people and no one knew what Benghazi was if I asked there where is benghazi and why it’s important (why it’s important I guess is a trick question since it’s not important). I asked the same people where Libya was – those that ventured a guess thought it was in the middle east. Only 4 got it right that it was in Northern Africa.

    My conculsion: no one cares about a country that has no affect what-so-ever on the USA or any of it’s policies. The reds are wasting so much time on this topic and ignoring topics that can help them win the election.

    So McCain’s Achilles heel was Palin and one of Romneys (he has too many at this point) will be focusing on this topic that I will venture 95% of Americans care nothing about instead of focusing on why he would be a better president.


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