CNN debate: a liberal moderator and Democrat activists posing as undecided voters

Should you watch tonight’s debate, moderated by Candy Crowley of CNN?

Second presidential candidates’ debate between Obama, Romney

  • Topic: Foreign and domestic issues
  • Date: Tuesday, Oct. 16
  • Time: 9 – 10:30 p.m. EDT
  • Location: Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y.
  • Moderator: Candy Crowley, chief political correspondent, CNN, and anchor, CNN’s “State of the Union”
  • Format: “The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which citizens will ask questions of the candidates on foreign and domestic issues. Candidates each will have two minutes to respond, and an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate a discussion. The town meeting participants will be undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization.”

Here are three reasons why you should be cautious about it.

First, Candy Crowley is a leftist who has made comments critical of the Romney-Ryan ticket. Second, the format allows Candy Crowley to select all the questions for the two candidates. Third, the last time CNN did a townhall debate, they featured questions from well-known Democrat activists and lied to the audience saying that they were “undecided voters”. Let’s take a look at the evidence for each of these statements.

First, Candy Crowley. Is she a centrist?

Newsbusters explains:

As NewsBusters has been noting all Saturday morning, now that Paul Ryan has been chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the goal of the Obama-loving media is to rip him to shreds.

Doing her part Saturday was CNN’s Candy Crowley who claimed some Republicans (unnamed, of course) think this “looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish.”

[…]Transcript of Crowley’s remarks is below:

CANDY CROWLEY, CNN: We’ve already had this debate. All they have to do at Obama Reelect is open up the files because this debate has already happened. They just bring it back, it goes, it is, you know, what they talk about. But I think the other thing that’s worth pointing out is not every Republican has signed on to this kind of, I mean, they will publicly. But there is some trepidation…

GLORIA BORGER, CNN: They’re afraid.

CROWLEY: …that this might be, looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish. That, oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these thing? Is this where we want to go when the economy is so bad? We could have stayed on that.

Second, what about the format of the debate. Who is choosing the questions?

Associated Press explains:

Town halls have lost some of their spontaneity. The 80 or so undecided voters chosen for Tuesday’s event must submit their questions in advance and moderator Candy Crowley of CNN will decide which people to call on. She can pose her own follow-up questions.

Third, there is the disturbing pattern of CNN stacking the town hall audience with well-known liberal activists and passing them off as “undecided voters”. That’s what CNN did in a previous debate they moderated, as Michelle Malkin explains.


Flashback: CNN/YouTube/plant debacle.


  • Concerned Young Undecided Person “Journey” = John Edwards supporter “Journey”
  • Concerned Undecided Log Cabin Republican supporter David Cercone = Obama supporter David Cercone
  • Concerned Undecided Mom LeeAnn Anderson = Activist for the John Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers union LeeAnn Anderson
  • Concerned Undecided Gay Military Retiree Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr = Hillary/Kerry supporter and anti-”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” activist Keith H. Kerr

[…]If any more political plants turn up at CNN’s presidential debates, the cable-news network will have to merge with the Home and Garden channel.

At CNN’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas two weeks back, moderator Wolf Blitzer introduced several citizen questioners as “ordinary people, undecided voters.” But they later turned out to include a former Arkansas Democratic director of political affairs, the president of the Islamic Society of Nevada and a far left anti-war activist who’d been quoted in newspapers lambasting Harry Reid for his failure to pull out of Iraq.

Yet CNN failed to disclose those affiliations and activism during the broadcast.

Behold – the phony political foliage bloomed again at Wednesday night’s much hyped CNN/YouTube GOP debate.

Oh, CNN did make careful note that Grover Norquist (who asked about his anti-tax pledge) is a Republican activist with Americans for Tax Reform. But somehow the network’s layers and layers of fact-checkers missed several easily identified Democratic activists posing as ordinary, undecided citizens.

The tallest plant was a retired gay vet, one “Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr,” who questioned – or rather, lectured – the candidates on video and in person about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that bans open gays from the military.

Funny. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was exactly the policy CNN adopted in not telling viewers that Kerr is a member of Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual- Transgender Americans for Hillary.

Sen. Clinton’s campaign Web site features a press release announcing Kerr and other members of the committee in June. And a basic Web search turns up Kerr’s past support as a member of a veterans’ steering committee for the John Kerry for President campaign – and his prior appearance on CNN in December ’03.

CNN’s moderator, Anderson Cooper, singled out Kerr (who’d been flown in for the event) in the vast audience, giving him a chance for his own filibustering moment. Marvel at it: Not one CNN journalist uncovered the connection or thought it pertinent to disclose that Kerr’s heart belonged to Hillary.

When righty commentator Bill Bennett pointed out the facts to Cooper after the debate, a red-faced Cooper feebly blubbered: “That was something certainly unknown to us, and had we known that, would have been disclosed by us. It turns out we have just looked at it.”

Cluelessness doesn’t absolve CNN of journalistic malpractice. Neither does editing out Kerr’s question (as the network did on rebroadcast, to camouflage the potted plant).

The article is quite old, and it predates the revelation that Anderson Cooper is gay. Might that explain why so many gay activists were selected to ask questions at a townhall debate?

So should you watch the debate? I think not. But if you do, be aware that CNN is a leftist organization and they are not likely to do a good job of being impartial. They want Obama to win. The best debate so far was the first debate moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS.

By the way, in a recent Gallup/USA Today poll in swing (toss-up) states, Romney now leads Obama 51-46 among all voters, and is tied 48-48 among women voters. That’s what the madness of Joe Biden in his debate got Obama. Women hate a violent, disrespectful madman.

I’ll probably watch the debate, but I’ll watch it on Fox News Live, not CNN.

8 thoughts on “CNN debate: a liberal moderator and Democrat activists posing as undecided voters”

  1. Interesting – so your thought is that republicans can’t take being asked tough questions in areas they don’t favor? If Romeny/Ryan are the right men for the job, then why should it matter what question are asked and by whom? Shouldn’t their answers be the real litmus test? Is that why the right was so up in arms about the VP debate – the moderator asked Ryan really tough questions on specifics and he had none to give? Afraid a little hot air from a liberal will blow your straw man candidates apart?

    I did hear a funny joke on a station out here in cali driving to work this morning:

    A liberal, moderate, and a conservative walk in to a bar. The bartender says, “Hi Mitt” (get it, because he flip-flops all over!)


      1. I didn’t vote for Bush and his two wars…or his unfunded prescription plan…or his debilitating tax cut…or his massive increase in government hiring (home defense, TSA, etc)…or his massive increase in surveillance spending (think patriot act)…or the other explosions in spending nicely detailed here:

        Click to access bp87.pdf

        I voted for someone who promised, though didn’t/wasn’t able to, reverse all of these. Part of me wants to blame obama, though he doesn’t make budgets and the republicans stated, on the record, main goal has been, not to help the country recover, but to make obama a one term president, to which the filibuster has become their favorite tool…so I don’t know if I can fully blame him (I still blame him for a lot though).


        1. Hey, Jerry, are you afraid of some tough questions in areas you don’t favor… So, tell us Jerry, when you beat your wife, is it because you’re a liberal or is it just that you hate all women? That’s a fair-minded question, right? “It shouldn’t matter what question is asked and by whom”… right? How about, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? This is the type of question I expect the president to get out of Candy…

          Some of us weren’t too happy with the moderator on the VP debate because she obviously favored Grampa Gaffe over young Mr. Ryan… Calls out Ryan on why he can’t call out specific details of a plan on cutting taxes (which he said would be worked out with bi-partisan support…) but doesn’t take Jolly Jeering Joe to task for any of his statements? I guess she was blinded by his teeth…

          I like your joke… it’s like a million other variants I’ve heard about BHO… And yeah, Mitt’s the only one who flip-flops… I believe marriage is between a man and a woman… until I’m elected, then it’s gay marriage all the way… I’m going close Guantanamo on the first day I’m in office… oops, I just spent $40 million dollars renovating it… It’s not a tax… oops, yes it is… It’s a movie… nope, it’s a terrorist attack… If I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term, I’ll be a one-term president… many of us are hoping he keeps this one.


          1. No, it shouldn’t matter. I can easily answer all of those questions, which by the way, weren’t asked of any candidate – so your point is a non-point to begin with. If questions like that were asked, I could easily answer them and would politely chide the moderator while simultaneously bringing up some of my talking points.

            To ask tough questions about specifics is her job – if you can’t provide even the remotest detail of what you plan to do, you’re literally all smoke and mirrors. I can run on that platform: “If you elect me, Jerry, as president, I will cut taxes 50%, reduce deficits and the national debt, while increasing jobs and national security!” Moderator: Well Mr. Jerry, please give us specifics, we need details. Jerry: um…. JCG: that moderator is biased, I can’t believe they demanded that a candidate for the most powerful position in the world would give specifics – she’s biased!! I can’t believe you didn’t find anything odd about that – I find that more shocking and disappointing then anything else.

            I liked the joke too. DISCLAIMER: it wasn’t my joke – I clearly stated it came from a source other than me. subjective, but I believe marriage is such a minor issue to flip-flop on – and we all know BHO did flop around on that one. but doing so won’t create massive deficits and debts. flopping on marriage won’t bankrupt us or weaken the financial system – flopping on tax cuts and financial issues can.

            As for Gitmo, I don’t think you understood BHO one bit on that – but most fox supporters don’t. BHO wanted to close Gitmo but congress made that nearly impossible. BHO never wanted to release the guys there – he made it clear from his last presidential run that he favored indefinite detention – an area I believe he is wrong on – he simply wanted to move it from gitmo to american soil. So your argument is confusing many points that I don’t think you truly understand. He attempted to legally define and legitimize indefinite detention – something horribly wrong in my opinion. GWB just didn’t care – he locked men up and threw away the key, the constitution be damned. My view – if they are truly horrible people, and they probably are, then there is nothing wrong with actually trying them quickly and executing them. If you have no proof, then follow the laws of a civilized society, otherwise stop pretending we’re civilized and better than other countries.

            I agree with the supreme court – it is a tax, and he has the right to levy it. I think there are better ways, but filibusters prevent those alternatives.

            That’s the difference between you and me – you have a pony in this race, I don’t. I hate both candidates, I just see BHO as the current lesser of two horrible evils. I would have loved to have seen McCain run again and chose someone less retarded as a VP (I bet to this day he regrets not chosing Romney as his running mate as I have no doubt that he would be the president and we would be better off).


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