Police threatened to charge man who defended his wife with attempted murder

From the UK Daily Mail, the latest on the story about the couple who was arrested for wounding four burglars who invaded their home with a legally-owned shotgun. (H/T Dina)


The couple held by police over the shooting of two intruders at their isolated cottage spoke yesterday of their ‘living nightmare’.

Andy Ferrie said he ‘plumbed the depths of despair’ when police told him he could face a charge of attempted murder.

Tracey Ferrie said being kept in a police cell away from her husband had ‘petrified’ her and she was haunted by the ‘stomach-churning’ experience.

Mr Ferrie, 35, and his 43-year-old wife were arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm after he called police to report that he had discharged a shotgun, hitting two of four men who had broken into their home.

They were held in separate cells and handcuffed for a court appearance where detectives sought more time to hold them for questioning.

Mrs Ferrie, a saleswoman, said: ‘I was completely petrified. Being locked up in a police cell just yards from my husband, but banned from talking to him, was agony.

‘When I can get some sleep now I wake up with a start and think I’m back in the cell. It’s mortifying and stomach churning.’

She said their cottage at Welby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, looked like ‘something out of CSI’ as police swarmed around the hamlet following the incident early last Sunday.

Mr Ferrie, who runs a mobile home repair business, said being told he could ultimately face an attempted murder charge had left him too anxious to eat during almost three days and nights in custody.

[…]‘I was petrified, scared stiff,’ Mr Ferrie told The Sun. ‘I only did what any other bloke would have done given the situation. I’m no hero or hard man. I did what I did to protect my precious, lovely wife.

‘I was only a few feet away, I could have shot to kill but I didn’t. I was relieved later when I was told the injuries I had caused were not life-threatening. The events of the last few days have scarred us for life.’

Mr Ferrie, who plans to emigrate to Australia with his wife next year, said that during his time in custody he was ‘told my case had been upgraded to attempted murder’.

He added: ‘I just crumpled. I saw myself being sent to prison for a long, long time. I was offered food but didn’t eat for the whole 66 hours we were held.’

Last week, a court heard how the couple were woken by the sound of banging and breaking glass as the intruders forced their way inside just after midnight. Mr Ferrie confronted one of the alleged raiders in their bedroom.

If there were any justice in the world, the police and Crown lawyers responsible for this tragedy would all be sacked, right up to the top of the police force. A civil suit by the victims of the crime would make a nice end to it. Too bad the liberal pro-criminal politicians who criminalized self-defense in the UK won’t be forced to spend a few years in jail. That wouldn’t even be enough to punish them for what they did to those law-abiding citizens right after they were traumatized by a home break-in.

We have to be very careful in this country about politicians on the left who oppose property rights, gun ownership and self-defense. Politicians on the left are always moaning about the rights of criminals and the need to ban guns and prohibit self-defense. This story from the UK shows what their plan does to ordinary people. Why would any man get married and start a family in a country run by feminist leftists who put a man in jail for taking up the role of protector of his family and his home?

3 thoughts on “Police threatened to charge man who defended his wife with attempted murder”

  1. Don’t blame him for leaving. I’ll be following in a few years when my training is done.

    Sadly we hear stories like this all the time here in the UK. I remember a guy was sitting at home reading his bible and two armed burglars broke in. Can’t remember the details but one of them ended up dead. If I remember right he was given treatment like the guy in the story above.


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