William Lane Craig comments on the Higgs Boson “God” particle

At the beginning of the podcast, Dr. Craig continues to discuss the topic from last week, which was the gay parenting studies, but then he goes on to discuss the Higgs-Boson particle story. The gay parenting discussion goes for 6 minutes, and then there is 17 minutes on the Higgs-Boson story.


  • What is the Higgs-Boson particle?
  • What did the scientists find?
  • What is the significance of the discovery?
  • Does the discovery challenge the Standard Model?
  • What forces of nature does it help to explain?
  • Is this discovery relevant to the origin of the universe?
  • What is the theological relevance of this discovery?
  • Why is the Higgs-Boson called the “God particle”?

Dr. Lawrence Krauss is mentioned in the podcast, so here is a link to the William Lane Craig – Lawrence Krauss debate. One of my funnier summaries, because Lawrence Krauss is a nutcase.

I was happy to see that Dr. Craig was keeping up with all the news, and he had some good careful thoughts about both topics, which is what we expect from Dr. Craig.

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