Abortion-related violence: activist pleads guilty to making death threats

From Life Site News. (H/T Neil Simpson’s latest round-up)


A pro-abortion activist from New York pled guilty yesterday to making death threats against two high-profile pro-life leaders. He could face up to 51 months in federal custody. Sentencing is scheduled September 12.

Ted Shulman reached an agreement that allowed him to plead guilty to making the death threats against Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life and Prof. Robert George of Princeton University.

Shulman has also repeatedly threatened the lives of Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger and other pro-life leaders across the country, including Jill Stanek.

[…]Shulman has been held without bail since his arrest on February 24, 2011, after federal agents raiding his apartment found cyanide and two other deadly substances in his possession. The plea agreement dropped charges related to the deadly substances in return for his guilty plea on the threats.

Schulman, who liked to style himself as the “first pro-choice terrorist” and hosted a blog called “Operation Counterstrike,” is the son of pro-abortion feminist Alix Kates Shulman.

His mother wrote the 1972 sex novel Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen and revealed she had four abortions – “not one” of which, she claimed, was “the result of carelessness.” Schulman was born in the middle – two siblings were aborted before his birth, and two after.

This doesn’t surprise me. See, to me, if your worldview includes the believe that it is OK to kill innocent unborn children if they infringe on your prosperity and happiness, then everything is permissible. To me, abortion is worse than slavery, so anyone who actually thinks it is a good thing is really far gone into immorality.

A couple of other examples of pro-abortion violence here and here.

2 thoughts on “Abortion-related violence: activist pleads guilty to making death threats”

  1. He used to try to goad us at LTI into exchanges with wild outrageous arguments, but we had a policy to ignore him. Even before he got arrested for being crazy he was clearly crazy.


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