China selling pills made of human babies to South Koreans

From the UK Daily Mail.


Thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh have been discovered by customs officials in South Korea, it was revealed today.

The capsules are in demand because they are viewed as being a medicinal ‘cure-all’.

The grim trade is being run from China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born.

The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in household refrigerators in homes of those involved in the trade before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.

Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pummelled into powder and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.

[…]According to customs agents, 35 smuggling attempts have been made since August last year involving more than 17,000 capsules disguised as ‘stamina boosters’.

Hospitals and abortion clinics in China reportedly pass the remains onto drugs companies when a baby is stillborn or aborted, the South Korean SBS documentary team reported last year.

The San Francisco Times reported that tests carried out on the pills confirmed they were made up of 99.7 per cent human remains.

The tests were successfully able to establish the genders of the babies used.

There is a huge demand for the pills which are thought to enhance stamina. Microwave-dried placenta is also sought after for its alleged ‘medicinal’ benefits.

However, in reality the human flesh capsules contain super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

My previous post about China’s disregard for human life is here.

6 thoughts on “China selling pills made of human babies to South Koreans”

  1. This is sad, because it shows what kind of world we live in and what people will do for money. Talking the life of a unborn child is wrong, every child should be given a chance at life. I am Pro-Life and reading stories like this, deeply troubles me

  2. Wow, I just read that article on The National in the UAE and came here to email it to you.

    There aren’t words to communicate the depravity. I would hazard a guess that the babies are aborted under the infamous one-child policy and are processed with some knowledge by a local government official. They may even be paying the parents. There are 600 billion Chinese living on less than 3 dollars a day (poorer than sub-Saharan Africa).

  3. 46.5% of SKers have no religion vs <20% for RC and Protestants combined. Only about 4% of Chinese are Catholics or Christians.

    "Without God, everything is permissible" – Fyodor Dotosyevski. One should be disturbed, but not surprised by this at all.

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