Democrats consider making gay marriage part of their policy platform

From Fox News.


More Americans are embracing gay marriage, adding to calls from Democrats for President Barack Obama— who has said he is not sure where he stands — to publicly express his support before the November elections.

[…]Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, chairman of the Democratic National Convention, said last week that a gay-marriage plank should be part of the platform, echoing recent comments from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Gay-rights activists say they have been making the case to the White Housethat polls show Obama has little to lose politically if he endorses gay marriage.Forty-nine percent of Americans now say they approve of gay marriage, up from 40 percent shortly after Obama took office in 2009.

It should be noted that Barack Obama is in favor of legalizing gay marriage. We know this because he refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. He is therefore opposedto traditional marriage, in practice. It does not matter what he says in campaign speeches. If he is elected in November 2012, then gay marriage will be rammed down the throats of Americans, especially through public schools.

Dissent and disagreement with the gay agenda will be criminalized as “hate speech” even more than it already is. Religious people will be forced to celebrate the gay lifestyle just as Catholic groups are being forced to subsidize contraception – against their religious beliefs – now. That’s the real agenda of the Obama administration: forcing Christians to act like atheists in public, and forcing Christians to subsidize an atheistic agenda.

You can read about how to make a secular case against gay marriage here.

One thought on “Democrats consider making gay marriage part of their policy platform”

  1. They’re trying to bring it in to Uk as well. At the moment they are saying that churches don’t have to marry gay couples if it goes against their conscious. Wonder how long that bit will last. Give it a few years and you’ll get priests and pastors hauled up before the courts for refusing to marry them.


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