Jon Huntsman’s anti-Romney ads are awesome

Check out these ads by Jon Huntsman.


Weather Vane:

Scared Mittless:

Mitt Romney is the most liberal candidate running in the primary – there are even more videos showing that the man is liberal on abortion, gay rights, global warming, gun control, government-controlled health care, and so on. He is a moderate Democrat – he has no record as a conservative. If elected, he would govern about 80% as liberal Barack Obama governs now. He is to the left of John McCain, in my view.

2 thoughts on “Jon Huntsman’s anti-Romney ads are awesome”

  1. To the left of John McCain? Yeah no kidding. John McCain is tea-party compared to this RHINO wannabe. John McCain was a naval aviator flying ground-attack aircraft, he was assigned to A-1 Skyraider squadrons, flew A-4 Skyhawks, when he was the commanding officer of a training squadron stationed in Florida he won the squadron its first-ever Meritorious Unit Commendation, he retired from the Navy as a captain and has been awarded the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and Navy Commendation Medal, heck, he even has more kids than Romney (and Romney has 5)! If he was even comparable he wouldn’t have won the 2008 Republican nomination. Now, we need someone to the right of McCain (not hard) who can hold their own against the democrat machine. Romney is so left wing he’s not even a target yet. Cain (who also worked with the Navy) is surviving the attacks quite brilliantly. He wouldn’t be my first pick, but he knows how to handle himself, and in the words of everyone’s favourite soldier, “Knowing is half the battle!”


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