Mitt Romney on abortion and stem cell research in his own words

What does Mitt Romney believe about abortion? He’s had the same view from 1994 to 2008, when he decided to run for President.

From the 1994 Massachusetts Senate debate between Mitt Romney and Edward Kennedy.

Here he is again in 2002 in his run for government of Massachusetts:

And again in May 2005, as governor of Massachusetts:

And on embryonic stem cell research in 2005:

If he says any different today, it’s not because he has a record to run on – his record has been pro-abortion since 1994.

8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney on abortion and stem cell research in his own words”

  1. Ok, first off, thank God for Wintery Knight. If anyone can look at this post and at the end of it still conclude that this man is a conservative in anyway I would like to see your definition of conservative. Fine, I grant you that we can say he’s not a social conservative, but affirmative action is the nail in the coffin on this one. This man is a leftist statist, and as such has no business running under a Republican banner. Conservatives need to recognize this and recognize this quickly. He is more than a bit liberal. He is a liberal. His thinking is no different from every democrat out there. Ronald Nash says that statism over rides voluntary action and that “The purpose of the founding fathers was to give us a form of government in which bad people…can do the least amount of harm,” The government that Romney would give us would be one that would allow for subversion. The laws of the land would be used to promote special interests. The imagined ‘rights’ of a few will take precedence over the freedom of the masses. In the name of justice you have what the French economist Bastiat terms, “legal plunder.” Fine Romney, you don’t want to pay high taxes, you want small businesses to survive, that’s nice. Suzy Orman wants those things too, but at least she’s honest enough with herself and everyone else to admit that your take on the social issues define your worldview and take precedence. I think John Zmirak drew the lines very well when he said, “On all these issues, Tea Party people are following inborn, God-given human impulses to protect one’s family first, neighbors second, and countrymen third. They are standing up for community, while insisting on the real rights, in justice, of the most vulnerable among us – the millions of unborn children it is currently quite legally to kill at our whim. Leftists, for their part, wish to undermine these healthy impulses, to replace them with a twisted, pseudo-Christian conscience based on manufactured guilt and misguided compassion”


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