Infidel Guy and skeptic Bart Ehrman discuss the historical Jesus

I find atheism a bit of a quirky worldview because a significant group of the more militant atheists seem to be willing to believe in weird things that are obviously false. Even things that are denied by the majority of scholars.

For example, they believe in the eternal universe, invisible alien civilizations, and the unobservable multiverse. I just think it’s weird… one minute you are having a normal conversation with them about politics or parenting, then POW… the crazy comes out. It’s like talking to a Muslim software engineer. One minute he’s seated quietly discussing JUnit and Interfaces, and the next minute he’s standing on the table with a fork in his hand ranting about Jihad and Intifidas. Crazy.

Believe my delusions or I'll insult you!
Believe my delusions or I'll insult you!

Anyhoo, here is an interesting case in point, in which “The Infidel Guy”, who thinks that Jesus never existed, confronts skeptical historian Bart Ehrman. Bart Ehrman lets the true believing jihadi know that the world really is round and that leprechauns most certainly do not exist.

Surprise! We’re not winning the arguments with you because we are “skilled debaters”. We’re winning because you’re crazy and irrational. Phrasing your claims as insults doesn’t make your claims true.

9 thoughts on “Infidel Guy and skeptic Bart Ehrman discuss the historical Jesus”

  1. I’m not sure how old Infidel Guy is but he debates like he’s on the playground during recess. He’s obviously not interested in facts, he’s interested in playing games.

    Bart gives facts then Guy asks, “How do we know?” Bart tells gives him more facts, Guy then asks the same question. I usually don’t root for Bart, but I have to give him props on this one.


  2. Do you have any proof that a majority of militant atheists believe in the things you claim or is that just a feeling you get from talking with militant atheists or are you misinterpreting someone playing the devils advocate as actually believing in unproven theories?


  3. I’ve been debating atheists today and I’m really under the impression that most of them are not as smart as they think they are. If I hear the leprechaun/unicorn/spaghetti monster argument one more time, I’m losing what civility I have left. These guys must sit around waiting for unsuspecting Christians so they can try out the latest version of that argument, which, proves nothing…


    1. Religious Atheists, as a group, are as anti-intellectual as the average participant in a Salem witch burning. They don’t know anything about their system of beliefs because they’re never challenged on them, so they go on and on and on repeating the same, failed, arguments and think that that suffices.

      But here’s a simple rule of thumb: as soon as an Atheist invokes the Spaghetti Monster stratagem, they’ve lost.


  4. Notice that for an atheist the rules of evidence are always different for Jesus than any other figure. They all accept the historical accounts, for example, of Alexander the Great, yet the earliest record of Alexander dates 450 years after his death. But Paul’s letters, which textual scholars unquestionably date beginning no later than the 40s, well, they’re phony and pseudopigraphic and Paul probably didn’t exist, either.

    Special pleading, always.


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