Hillary Clinton opposes bill to cut taxpayer funding of abortions abroad

From Life News. (H/T Mary)


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is warning members of the U.S. House that she will personally urge pro-abortion President Barack Obama to veto a State Department funding bill over cuts to groups that perform and promote abortions.

As LifeNews has reported, House Republicans have put forward an appropriations bill that would put the Mexico City Policy back in place. The policy, which President Barack Obama ditched during his first week in office, prevents the funding of groups that promote or perform abortions overseas.

Planned Parenthood is one of the major recipients of millions of dollars through the State Department and the USAID program and the abortion business refused to stop doing abortions or lobbying other nations to change their pro-life laws during the Bush administration so it could receive funds for non-abortion family planning services. The abortion business is lobbying Congress to reject the bill and Clinton took its side today.

Clinton, in the letter, according to CNN, called the bill “debilitating to my efforts to carry out a considered foreign policy and diplomacy” and said she “will recommend personally” that Obama veto the bill. She addressed the letter to pro-life Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Florida Republican who is the chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

[…]Responding to Clinton’s letter, Ros-Lehtinen’s office told CNN the pro-life lawmaker is “disappointed that the Obama administration would stand in the way” of the measure that “blocks U.S. tax dollars from being wasted on foreign organizations, programs, and governments that work to undermine U.S. interests abroad.”

The language of the legislation also bans funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an agency that has promoted abortions internationally and worked hand-in-hand with population control officials in China who have relied on forced abortions and sterilizations to enforce the one-child policy.

The policy has been a central tenant of pro-life foreign policy during Republican administrations, but pro-abortion presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both scrapped it during their first weeks in office. The policy, first named for a conference in Mexico City where pro-life President Ronald Reagan announced it, ensures taxpayer dollars don’t flow through international family planning programs to organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which claims to have done hundreds of thousands of abortions worldwide.

Despite Obama and Senate Democrats holding up the pro-life policy, Republicans have made inroads into cutting the international pro-abortion agenda.

In April, pro-life Speaker John Boehner secured an budget agreement that, in part, cuts funding to the pro-abortion UNFPA (United Nations Family Planning Agency) that has worked hand-in-hand with Chinese population control officials who have enforced the one-child rule with forced abortions and other human rights abuses.

Still wondering how much Democrats believe in abortion? It’s a sacrament.

One thought on “Hillary Clinton opposes bill to cut taxpayer funding of abortions abroad”

  1. Ha, Ann Coulter referred to abortion as Liberalism’s sacrament, too.

    It is disgusting that Clinton thinks we need to throw away more tax dollars at at time when we are in economic trouble, and especially to throw it away for the immoral killing of so many children.

    I’m not sure why Clinton felt a need to “urge” Obama to continue funding foreign abortions — he’s so pro-abortion it’s not like he would ever discontinue it.


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