Live Action’s Lila Rose debates pro-abortion activist

I found this video of Lila Rose debating on the Live Action web site.

Are you wondering about that pro-abortion woman? Me too. So I found this interesting post on Captain’s Quarters (Ed Morrissey) about the pro-abortion woman. She wrote on the Daily Kos that she has a crush on Iran’s theocratic dictator Mahmoud Achmandinejad – even though she’s a Jewish lesbian! Very weird.

Planned Parenthood attemps to censor Live Action videos

In this related Life News story, I learned that Planned Parenthood attempted to censor the Live Action undercover videos on Youtube.


A key part of Planned Parenthood’s counterattack against Lila Rose’s youth-led group, Live Action, and its staggered release early this year of damning videos depicting Planned Parenthood managers, “health professionals,” and other employees willing to welcome, advise and aid & abet purported “sex traffickers” and “pimps” was to get YouTube to suppress the videos on the basis that they violated YouTube’s published “privacy guidelines.”  This post recalls our long and ultimately successful effort to help Live Action defeat Planned Parenthood’s counterattack.

On their release last January, the Live Action videos “went viral,” winning hundreds of thousands of viewers online, and both sparking and helping to sustain a nationwide firestorm of outrage against Planned Parenthood’s willingness to use federal funds to support criminal exploitation of young people and sex slavery.  The epidemic of outrage prompted Congressional efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, by ending its federal subsidies.  Those efforts nearly culminated in a shutdown of the federal government, as House Republicans pushed the issue as far as they could in last minute White House negotiations over the federal budget.

The rest of the post documents the back and forth exchanges between Planned Parenthood and the Thomas More Society lawyers, as Planned Parenthood tries to censor the undercover videos that exposed them as being willing “…to do business with, and thereby aid and abet, sex traffickers and pimps of underage girls, many of whom … recently arrived in this country, imported here for lewd and immoral purposes in what could only be described as a form of sex slavery – an obscenely cruel bondage.” If you click through to read the whole thing, there is a happy ending, but only after some setbacks.

In other news, pro-lifers are asking New Jersey governor Chris Christie to veto Planned Parenthood funding again, after the Democrats in the Senate voted to restore subsidies to Planned Parenthood.

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