Conservative Stephen Harper will free small businesses to create jobs

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Everyone please be patient for today and tomorrow, because I will be blogging mostly on the Canadian election which is set for Monday, May 2nd! Things will be back to normal on Friday night!

Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper announces his job creation plan.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative Government will implement a range of measures, including reducing unnecessary regulation, to support small businesses in creating jobs and spurring economic growth.

“Canada’s entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and driving long-term economic growth in communities large and small across our country,” said Mr. Harper. “It is important that government create the conditions for Canadian entrepreneurs to flourish and grow.”

A re-elected Stephen Harper Government will spur a culture shift within government by legislating a ‘one-for-one’ rule, so that government must eliminate an existing regulation every time it proposes a new one. The success of the small- and medium-sized business sector contributes greatly to the economic and social success of Canada; however, 26 per cent of small business owners say they may not have gone into business had they known the true burden of regulation.

Stephen Harper’s Government has taken decisive action to address the needs and concerns of entrepreneurs in the last five years, including reducing taxes and red tape; improving access to business financing; making substantial investments in training, research, and development; and opening up new markets. Building upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s declaration of 2011 as the Year of the Entrepreneur, a re-elected Conservative Government will further support Canadian businesses by:

  • Moving forward with the Red Tape Reduction Commission, which will apply a small business lens to regulations to ensure that they do not have unintended impacts on small businesses.
  • Introducing a $1,000 Employment Insurance tax credit for any new employees hired by a small business.
  • Extending BizPal, an online service for businesses that provides streamlined, customized one-stop shopping for information on required permits and licences.
  • Providing $20 million over two years for the Canada Youth Business Foundation, enabling young Canadians to launch more than 1,000 new businesses and generate an estimated 6,700 new jobs.

Canada’s unemployment rate is better than the United States unemployment rate.

Meanwhile, Jack Layton wants to cripple the Canadian economy with a cap-and-trade carbon tax for companies that produce energy. (H/T Blue Like You)


If NDP Leader Jack Layton wins a minority government May 2, supported by the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois, he plans to make Canadians pay a new charge estimated at $21.5 billion over the next four years for the right to emit man-made carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Under Layton’s proposed cap-and-trade plan, this money will be paid by ordinary Canadians in higher retail costs for goods and services, along with job layoffs and lower salaries and benefits for workers.

Layton’s plan is to impose cap-and-trade on us soon after the NDP takes power.

We know this because in outlining his proposal during the election, the NDP estimated it will collect $3.6 billion from cap-and-trade in this fiscal year alone, which started April 1 and ends March 31, 2012…

That will drive up the prices that Canadians and Americans pay for Canadian energy.

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