Poll finds 68% of Canadians positive on Canadian economy

Map of Canada
Map of Canada

From the leftist Globe and Mail.


A new international survey shows Canadians are in a very positive mood about the state of the economy, suggesting the opposition parties face an uphill battle pushing for change on the eve of a possible federal election.

Describing Canada as a “superstar,” an Ipsos online survey of citizens in 24 countries finds 68 per cent of Canadians are feeling good about the economy. Those January numbers are up six points from a month earlier.

[…]The contrast between Canada’s positive mood and some other G8 countries is particularly striking. Only 20 per cent of Americans said their economy was good and even more pessimism was reported for Britain, France, Italy and Japan.

Canada’s results place it sixth of the 24 countries surveyed, behind Sweden (82 per cent); Saudi Arabia (80 per cent); Australia (78 per cent); India (76 per cent) and China (74 per cent).

Ipsos senior vice-president John Wright, who is based in Toronto and is responsible for the international survey, says the numbers are good news for the Conservatives because other surveys show Canadians give Prime Minister Stephen Harper high marks for managing the economy.

“It plays to [the Conservatives’] strong hand and more importantly it contrasts with an opposition party which doesn’t seem to be on that track,” he said in an interview. “The opposition – whether it be the NDP or the Liberals – are talking about things that are below the national concerns.”

Mr. Wright said the Conservatives “own” the issue of the economy, placing them on very solid ground heading in to a possible federal election.

“It’s usually governments are thrown out, they’re not voted in,” he said. The flurry of Conservative ads criticizing Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff have also proven to be “very, very effective,” he said.

The latest federal election poll has the capitalist Stephen Harper and his Conservative party on the boundary of a Parliamentary majority. They currently have 143 seats, with 155 needed for a majority.

Canada Election Poll 2011
Canada Election Poll 2011

Harper has a BA and MA in Economics, and is cutting the corporate tax rate to HALF of the US corporate tax rate. It’s about JOBS. If you love corporations and businesses with low taxes and less regulations, you get the jobs. He also supports free trade, so that Canadians can sell their goods to foreign markets, and buy good from abroad for a cheaper price, either for consumption of manufacturing. More jobs. It’s all about the jobs for the capitalists. They just want more and more jobs. That’s why they keep making conditions better for employers.

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