Planned Parenthood stung three more times by Live Action

Unborn baby scheming about exposing Planned Parenthood
Unborn baby scheming about exposing Planned Parenthood

From Live Action’s web page. (H/T Lex Communis)

The videos:


The footage shows a man who identifies himself as a pimp working with underage girls. He seeks assistance for getting abortions, STD testing and birth control for girls he “manages” as sex workers, who are from out of the country and as young as 14 to 15 years old. The investigation continues to unearth alarming evidence that Planned Parenthood, which receives more than $350 million from the American taxpayer every year, is willing to facilitate the sexual exploitation of minors and young women.

“Today, we are sending Attorney General Cuccinelli and Virginia law enforcement officials new, disturbing footage from three Virginia clinics. The footage explicitly shows Planned Parenthood staff willing to engage in activity that sexually exploits minors and young women. The evidence continues to mount, and shows a clear pattern where Planned Parenthood is willing aid and abet the sex-trafficking industry. These are abhorrent practices and it is time Planned Parenthood be held accountable,” Rose said.

Findings in these Virginia videos:

• Falls Church – Abortions for underage girls from other countries only require a photo ID.

Planned Parenthood staffer: “We don’t necessarily look at the legal status, like I said. Abortion appointments do require photo ID. It’s nothing as far as records. It’s just photo ID that’s ever going to be required.”

• Roanoke – Birth control and STD testing for underage prostitutes is no problem

Planned Parenthood staffer: “From the age of 12 up, for birth control, you can just come in and do that. You don’t have to have a parent, OK?”

Planned Parenthood staffer discussing STD testing: “And the thing is, see this is the thing a lot of people don’t know that. . .Right, through the Health Department.  And so, they’ll uh, they’ll track it. And they’re discreet.  They’re confidential.  They, you know, don’t tell people what’s going on, because – frankly – it’s nobody’s business.”

• Charlottesville – Birth control and testing for STDs and pregnancy for underage girls with no questions asked.

Planned Parenthood staffer: “Anybody here can help you. Everything here is confidential. We can’t give any information out.”

Notice the concern about taxpayer-funding. I love it when social conservatives understand that they are paying for the evils they condemn. That should be the first step – to de-fund the immoral practices. Eil is harder to do when you have to pay for it yourself. It makes people make better decisions when they know that they have to face the consequences of their own actions. The worst thing in the world is for the government to pay for abortions – that takes away all the moral and financial sting. Which is exactly why the Republicans want to ban all taxpayer-funding of abortion and why Obama passed Obamacare to fund abortions.

One other nice thing is that Cuccinelli, the attorney general, is the same who has been investigating the University of Virginia for global warming fraud.

3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood stung three more times by Live Action”

  1. The great common ground here is this: “no public funding for abortions”. That goes back to the scope of government; it has no authority to involve itself in the personal choice of women, right? Even feminists should be able to understand that what government funds, it controls.


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