House Republicans introduce ban on taxpayer funding of abortion

Republican Speaker John Boehner
Republican Speaker John Boehner

From John Boehner’s official government web site. (H/T Cubachi via Liberty Pundits)

Full text of John Boehner’s speech:

“Our new majority has pledged to listen and focus on the will of the people.  We’ve begun to carry out this commitment by cutting our own budget and repealing the job-destroying health care law.

“Today we’re here to talk about keeping another commitment to the people – and that is ensuring their tax dollars are never used to fund abortions.

“A ban on taxpayer funding of abortion is the will of the people and ought to be the law of the land.  But current law – particularly as enforced by this Administration – does not reflect the will of the people.

“Last year, we listened to the people through our America Speaking Out project, and they spoke out on this issue – loudly and clearly.  So we included it in our Pledge to America, and today we begin to make good on that commitment.

“Congressman Chris Smith has introduced bipartisan legislation that codifies the Hyde Amendment and other similar policies by permanently applying a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion across all federal programs.

“This common-sense legislation reflects the will of the people and deserves the support of the House.  It is one of our highest legislative priorities.  As such, I have directed that it receive the designation of H.R. 3.  I appreciate Congressman Smith’s steadfast leadership on this critical issue.”

And it’s not just abortion providers like Planned Parenthood that get federal funding, either. It’s the United Nations, too. (H/T Mary)


By funneling tens of millions of dollars to organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which support China’s brutal One Child Policy, the United States and other Western countries are “accomplices” to “murder on a massive scale,” said the Director of China Aid in an interview this week.

[…]In general, each family is permitted to have only one child.  When a couple wants to have their first child, Fu explained, they are “required to get a pregnancy permission card – a yellow card before your wife can legally get pregnant.”  If a woman is pregnant without the permission card, she is arrested and forced to have an abortion.The “massive practice” of forced sterilization and abortion has a huge impact on China.  Last year, said Fu, there was “a report of about 20 million babies, which were aborted … abortion being performed as late as nine months.”

[…]Fu attests to the fact that a significant portion of the funding for abortions in China comes from international organizations, including The United Nations Population Fund.

“The U.S.,” said Fu, ”provides funding and 40 million dollars goes to China to assist in carrying out this One Child Policy. So, unfortunately, the Western countries are accomplices to this policy.“

“It’s really time for us to get past our apathy about it as an American people, and really start to take that seriously.  These abuses with the One Child Policy and the factories are really going on in real life … These are actually really happening! My message is always to the American people: get over the apathy and do something. We have to hold our own government and the Chinese government accountable for these things,” said Mason.

A lot of people talk about restricting abortion. They talk and talk and talk about it. And then when election day came around in 2008, some of them voted for the most pro-abortion President ever. Well, some real pro-lifers decided to fix that in 2010. And now Republican John Boehner has a mandate from the people to change the laws of this country to discourage the wholesale slaughter of innocent life. Less taxpayer funding for abortion means fewer abortions. It’s a start. If the Republicans win the Presidency in 2012, maybe Boehner can finish it.

Republicans are pro-life
Republicans are pro-life

Mary also sent me this post from Scott Klusendorf on pro-life pastors and abortion and this post from Randy Alcorn on pastors and abortion.

UPDATE: Wes from Reason to Stand posted this video as well.

Here’s an MP3 file of the speech.

Everyone on the left thinks that just because THEY don’t care about the unborn then no one cares. But that’s not true for conservatives. We really have thought this issue through, and we really do care.

UPDATE: From Canbuhay.

Martha Roby:

Ann Marie Buerkle:

Ann Marie Buerkle was a spokeswoman and then leader of local pro-life groups in New York and is now one of at least 15 pro-life congresswomen.

4 thoughts on “House Republicans introduce ban on taxpayer funding of abortion”

  1. And everyone on the left forgets that the first feminists or the suffragettes were…

    Wait for it…


    Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony noted that:
    “When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.”

    Here is a good article on the first pro-life feminists in the early 1900s.


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