In Canada, Blazing Cat Fur is being sued for linking to Mark Steyn

Wow. Things are worse than I thought up north.

Read the whole thing. (H/T The Other McCain)

This is another of those Human Rights Commission trials I am always telling you guys about. There is no free speech in Canada. Everything you say, no matter how innocent, can land you in a courtroom. The only thing that is necessary is for someone to feel offended by what you said. No damage is needed, just that someone feels offended. Then you go to court, and the government pays for all the court costs of the plaintiff. You have to pay your own costs, of course, and the trials go on for years – much like the waiting list for a hip replacement surgery in Ontario.

8 thoughts on “In Canada, Blazing Cat Fur is being sued for linking to Mark Steyn”

  1. You can say anything without consequence insofar as it isn’t incendiary.

    Which is B.S, because if this quasi-judicial body known as the “Human Rights” Commission is up to determine what is and isn’t incendiary, then our civil liberties are in peril.

    Hopefully, the judicial inquiry into the dam notwithstanding clause will be tossed out.


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