Video of armed police arresting pro-life students at Carleton University

Police arrest pro-life students at gunpoint in Canada
Armed police arrest pro-life students in Canada

Here’s the video of the pro-life students being arrested for trespassing at a publicly-funded university where they are registered as full-time students.

Be careful when traveling in Canada about expressing opinions in public. Canada is not like the United States where free speech is a right. If they don’t like what you say, they may arrest you.

Mainstream news coverage at National Post.

Read more here at National Campus Life Network.

Take action!

If you do not approve of fascism on Canadian university campuses, please click here to send a message to the fascist university administrators at Carleton University. Notice how the Chancellor is connected to the left-wing Liberal party, which is responsible for the Human Rights Commissions which censor the free speech of Canadians like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn. The Liberal party is basically similar to the Democrat party in the United States.

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5 thoughts on “Video of armed police arresting pro-life students at Carleton University”

  1. Wintery, you said this: “I urge Americans traveling in Canada to be careful when expressing opinions in public.”

    Yes, they should be aware of the possible consequences of exercising free speech in expressing their opinions. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t express opinions that can get them into trouble. I don’t think we should let the possibility of trouble stop us from speaking the truth.


  2. Their Chancellor is also the recipient of the Order of Canada, shared by the likes of such people as Dr. Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s most prolific killer.


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