Students arrested for pro-life demonstration at Carleton University

Armed policeman arrests peaceful pro-life student
Armed policeman handcuffs peaceful pro-life student

UPDATE: Video is here.

Story here in the Ottawa Citizen.

Full story:

Police arrested five anti-abortion activists Monday at Carleton University after the group attempted to display large posters that compared abortion to genocide.

Ruth Lobo, a fourth-year Carleton student, said she and four others were arrested by Ottawa police at around 9 a.m. Monday. Three were Carleton students and the fourth was from Queen’s University.

According to Lobo, the five students were handcuffed, loaded into a police van and taken to the campus security office where they were each charged with two offences under the Trespass Act and fined about $130 each.

The group had asked Carleton for a spot on campus to hold the controversial Genocide Awareness Project, which features six large graphic images that compare the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide to abortion.

The university said the display is considered disturbing and offensive to some and offered the group space in Porter Hall, which Lobo called, “an isolated hall that no one ever really goes to.”

Unsatisfied with the space offered by Carleton, Lobo said the group arrived on campus Monday at 9 a.m. to set up in the Tory Quad, an outside square at the centre of campus bordered by the library, administration building and several other buildings.

A university spokesman confirmed the arrests and noted the group were on several occasions offered another place on campus to set up their display.

“In every instance, the students indicated they would not respect the university’s request and would proceed with its exhibit in the Tory Quad,” said Jason McDonald in a written statement.

Lobo said the campus’ anti-abortion group Carleton Lifeline wanted to bring the Genocide Awareness Project to Ottawa to challenge students’ views on abortion in an educational way.

Similar protests have been held on other university campuses across the country, including the University of Calgary.

From the National Post.

Full story:

Four students were arrested this morning by Ottawa police for putting up a graphic anti-abortion display on the main quadrangle of Carleton University.

The students, all members of a pro-life group called Carleton Lifeline, applied for permission to put up the display two months ago but were turned down by the university.

The school said it did not allow large displays in the quadrangle and also cited the offensiveness of the photos.

The students were offered a room in which the photos of bloody fetuses could be shown and a table in the main university centre to invite fellow students to the display.

However, Ruth Lobo, one of the students arrested, said putting up the display was a matter of free speech and a personal obligation to “tell the truth about abortion.”

The four Carleton students have been charged with trespassing. A fifth man from Queen’s University was also charged.

Police arresting students for peaceful demonstrations on a university campus. This is Canada’s record on free speech rights.

Keep in mind that these students are registered for classes, so how can they be trespassing if they supposed to be there? And this censorship of their views is being done with the tax money paid into the university system by their parents. Their parents also pay for the left-wing student government and the left-wing clubs who are never arrested for taking stands on controversial issues. Can you imagine being a parent and being forced to pay people who arrest and censor your own children and lead them away in handcuffs just for exercising their right to free speech?

The problem here is that leftists believe that mere disagreement with their left-wing views is enough to incite violence against them, poor little victims as they are. Left-wingers, it is assumed, are not capable of violence, so left wing speech doesn’t have to be censored. That’s how leftists feel – if you disagree with them, you need to be arrested because you’re a crazy violent person. They call that tolerance and open-mindedness, by the way.

Keep in mind that we see a lot more left-wing violence, not the least of which is 45 million babies killed since abortion became legal in the USA. And that’s not even counting the MILLIONS of lives snuffed out by the DDT ban.

Although pro-life demonstrations are meant to attract attention and to encourage 1-on-1 debate, leftists actually advocate violence against those who disagree with them. On the other hand, abortionists seem to like to attack pro-lifers. Sometimes by shooting them, sometimes by hitting them with SUVs, and this week they are pulling guns on them.

Pro-lifers, just want to use visual aids to show what abortion is to get a conversation started. But left-wingers are a lot worse – they want to use videos to actually incite violence against people who disagree with them.

Watch this video from the global warming eco-fascists and see for yourself. (H/T ECM)

Oh, nothing unusual about blowing up people who don’t believe in global warming, right? Not at all – that’s tolerance and diversity to leftists. (I sent that video to a secular humanist and he thought it was funny to blow up people who doubt global warming. He laughed!)

And even worse than that, we actually DO have evidence that eco-fascist nuts watch propaganda videos like the one above and then start running around with guns trying to “save the planet” by committing crimes. But are environmentalists arrested for demonstrating on campus, and then put in jail? Of course not. Because they are LEFTISTS. Leftists advocate for big government, and big government means more money for universities. It’s all about the money.

If you want to know how far these Canadian censors are willing to go, then click here and prepare to be horrified.

Take action!

If you do not approve of fascism on Canadian university campuses, please click here to send a message to the fascist university administrators at Carleton University. Notice how the Chancellor is connected to the left-wing Liberal party, which is responsible for the Human Rights Commissions which censor the free speech of Canadians like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn. The Liberal party favors nationalism and socialism. In fact, you might even call them the Nationalism Socialism party. The Liberal party is basically similar to the Democrat party in the United States.

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5 thoughts on “Students arrested for pro-life demonstration at Carleton University”

    1. Speech in Canada is only free if you say what the socialists want you to say. and it has been like that in our communist Canadian schools and universities for decades.


  1. Sorry Bob but the freedoms I had in the 70s, when I was part of the generation with long hair and no more nukes signs, was a lot more tolerated than the oppresive treatment these PL students are getting from their campus security. Top that off with the total lack of outrage from those who should be the gatekeepers of our freedoms, namely the fellow students and the legions of civil libertarians, and I would say today’s freedom fighters are a lot worse off.


  2. This is what is happening, no freedom of speech, or expression. If you don’t agree with the left wing liberals you get arested. Incredible!!


  3. Shame on you Carleton University. I am not a pro-life supporter, but I oppose what has been done to these brave students.


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