Pro-life protesters arrested and detained in UK

Story here in the UK Telegraph. (H/T Suzanne)


Andy Stephenson, 35, and Kathryn Sloane, 19, both committed Christians, were detained after a peaceful protest outside a publicly-funded abortion clinic.

The Crown Prosecution Service will decide next month whether to press charges against the pair for causing ‘harassment, alarm or distress’ under the Public Order Act.

[…]The pair were arrested last month as they held a banner aloft outside Wistons abortion clinic in Brighton.

Police were called by a member of staff concerned that patients entering the clinic felt traumatised and upset.

Officers asked Mr Stephenson and Miss Sloane to take down a 7ft by 5ft placard depicting an aborted eight-week-old embryo – which they duly did but only to replace it with another banner showing a 10-week-old foetus.

The pair were arrested and taken to Brighton police station where they were held until three in the morning.

Mr Stephenson, a father-of-two and a carpenter, from Worthing in East Sussex, said: “We went to the clinic because we know what women are going in there for and it seems the obvious place to hold a protest.

“We had no desire to be arrested but we sincerely believe this is a legal form of demonstration.

“We were arrested around midday. We were taken to the local police station where we were treated like common criminals.

“They took our fingerprints and put us in cells – they didn’t interview us until midnight and we weren’t let out until three in the morning.”

The UK is a party dominated by secular humanists on the political left. Their desire for selfish pleasure is so strong that they look upon any attempt to disagree with them or make them feel bad about what they are doing as a punishable offense. Secular humanists are very clear about what they believe. They believe that life is about the pursuit of happy feelings. They have no concept of human rights like the right to free speech in their atheistic worldview. So if you interrupt them in their pursuit of pleasure and draw attention to the destruction they are causing, they will attack you. They believe that the strong have a right to crush and coerce the weak into serving their desires for happiness.

To a secular humanist, everyone else exists as a depersonalized object to be used and thrown away. Other people have no value – and there is no such thing as virtue or a way humans “ought to be”. It’s is very much a Darwinian struggle to use the people around you in order to have the most happiness you can until you die. Morality is is just the fashion of the time and place – it’s not real. There is no standard of conduct. You obey the fashions of your place and time unless you can somehow break the rules and avoid being caught and sanctioned. Ethics is illusory on secular humanism. It’s just traffic laws and personal preferences.

The same people who oppose pro-lifers today would have opposed the abolition of slavery. The situation is identical. Declare a group of weaker, disadvantaged people to be non-persons, and then exploit them. Anyone who is pro-abortion (i.e. – who votes for left-wing parties like the Democrats) is pro-slavery. Period. The principle of abusing and killing the weak for your own happiness is the common denominator between both views. Only in a theistic universe do persons have human rights granted by God, like the right to life, and the right to free speech. In an atheistic universe, rights can be brushed aside by the strong.

5 thoughts on “Pro-life protesters arrested and detained in UK”

  1. Well done to these protesters. If women are traumatized by seeing the reality of abortion, that tells one something about information which the clinic is not giving to their clients. If it were a heart transplant, there would be no objection to showing a picture of the heart. But the desire on the part of abortuaries is to conceal the truth. And what hypocrisy that showing a picture of the traumatic act is considered wrong, but committing it is not. Logic and integrity is not part of the way the pro-abortion brigade works.


  2. It must be a week of agreeing (well sort of). This is a simple case of free speech. I personally don’t agree with the protestors message, however I do agree that they have the right to say it.

    Secondly, you need to separate pro-choice and pro-life with a political ideology or religious theology. Most people are on a spectrum, rather than a strict dichotomy of choice. I was listening to a podcast in the weekend with the pro-life athiest advocate Jen Roth.


  3. WK, can you please back up your assertion that a left-wing relates to abortion. Globally it appears that abortion rates are all over the place and not dependent on a theocratic, democratic, communist or republican government. Global abortion rates.

    I would hazard a guess that there are more complex mechanisms at play here than just “left = no morals = pro abortion = decay of society = bad”


  4. Moo, thank you for recognizing the importance of freedom of speech. Can you explain what it is that you disagree with in the protesters’ message?

    As to the abortion rates, you need to look further at what the abortion rates were in countries before the legalization of abortion by social leftists and after. If you do, you will find a dramatic increase in the incidence of abortion. For example, abortions went up 1000% in Sweden after it was made legal. Legalization makes it socially acceptable and, for those who do not have a well-defined moral framework independent of the law, it makes it “moral”. It increases the incidence of legal AND, ironically, illegal abortion. Moreover, when liberal governments are replaced by conservative ones, it is very difficult for the conservative governments to reverse the permissive abortion legislation enacted by liberal governments.


    1. First of all, I disagree with the way that the message was being delivered. Shock tactics are not the way to influence people. Proper sex education, including information about contraception is a better course of action (as abstainence only programs have been shown to cause higher pregnancy rates). Again, education is the answer to tackle the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms.

      Secondly, your statistics around Sweden’s abortion rates are unsubstantiated. From the facts that I have found is that abortion was legalized in 1973 and the rate has been consistently between 17% and 25% ever since (going up and down several times). How does this equate to 1000%?


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