Socialist Sweden tightens laws against homeschooling

Story here on Life Site News.


The parliament passed what the HSLDA called a “sweeping” reform of the nation’s education system on June 22 in the form of a 1500 page bill, 2 pages of which addressed the topic of home education.

[…]Previous regulations specified that home instruction must be a “fully satisfactory alternative” to state-run education, and officials may inspect homeschooling families to make sure they are keeping up to speed. The new law, however, keeps those previous regulations and adds a third, highly restrictive clause: parents may only homeschool after they have demonstrated “exceptional circumstances.” Despite the fact that the council of the Swedish supreme court charged with reviewing laws recommended a clarification on the meaning of the ambiguous term “exceptional circumstances,” the government moved ahead without having done so.

While homeschooling families in the country have already faced persecution and punitive fines from school officials for homeschooling, the new law essentially gives carte blanche authority for school officials to deny homeschooling applications in any and all circumstances.

Parents who have religious, moral, or philosophic reasons for will not get a break. In fact the law explicitly states, “It is the opinion of the government that there is no need of a law to make space for homeschooling based on the religious or philosophical views of the family.”

[…]Because Sweden has no supreme court with the authority of judicial review, the key to overturning the law will be to effect a change in parliament – and elections are in September.

The secular left wants “equality”. In order for everyone to be “equal”, all the children have to be taught by the state. And that means no more homeschooling. Naive Christians who are liberal on fiscal issues or liberal on war/terrorism sometimes vote against the conservatives. We need to be more careful about educating Christians to be conservative across the board. I am sick and tired of talking to people who are active in fringe Christian political parties who do not understand why they need to favor free market capitalism and peace through strength.

Be careful who you vote for – when you vote secular left, you’re making it harder on your Christian brothers and sisters to do the things they need to do.

4 thoughts on “Socialist Sweden tightens laws against homeschooling”

  1. WK — I’m watching The West Wing (waited 7 years for series to end, then, waited 2 years for the disc to go on sale at COSTCO, then waited another year for the discs to marinate). It’s a great show! I’ve become a flaming liberal, I really have! I’ve become a Democrat; I’ve become a… good person!!!

    Democrats, good; Republicans, mean and hateful.

    So, I’m “up” on the issues. And, I can tell you this. Seinfeld Pakistani restaurant-guy finger wag: “School vouchers bad, very bad!”. Unlimited increases in funding to public schools: “good!”

    Home-schooling — sounds like something associated with conservative, fundamentalist Christian nut-bars — Pakistani-guy finger wag: Christian nut-bars “bad, very, very bad”!

    And, cue the music, dangerous!

    Everything I Need To Know I Get From The West Wing™.


    1. OK, I’m afraid that you have to stop watching that – it’s a TV SHOW! You can’t get your policy views from a TV show! Stop that! I thought you were smart! i’m really mad at you right now.


  2. Haha! Richard is funny! :D

    WK: Don’t get sick and tired of having to explain! Thank God for the opportunity and do the explaining. As I said to someone else recently, if someone sincerely doesn’t understand and they give us the opportunity to educate them we should take that opportunity. If we don’t take it, we forfeit the right to complain. But yeah, I agree with your main point. And you have no idea how much trouble I have trying to advocate conservative views here where “conservative” is seen as a synonym for “racist” and “not free” and “liberal” is seen as a synonym for “non-racist” and “free” (race being the issue here that gets the most attention).


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