New book on intelligent design for beginners

Jay Richards interviews Jonathan Witt, co-author of a new book “Intelligent Design Uncensored“. The other author is William A. Dembski.

The MP3 file is here.


  • Who is Jonathan Witt and why does he like intelligent design?
  • The intended audience of the book is a complete beginner to ID theory
  • The book is very short (175 pages) and easy to read
  • A survey of the evidence for design from physics, biology and chemistry
  • The aim is to cover a lot of ground and answer the most popular objections
  • The cost of the book is low (just over $9 on Amazon!)
  • Advice for people interested in a career in intelligent design
  • Why do some religious people object to intelligent design?
  • Tips for explaining intelligent design to others

Previously I had been recommending the older book “Understanding Intelligent Design“, by William A. Dembski and Sean McDowell, which my Dad read and liked a TON. But I like to read entry-level books so that I have things to use with beginners and during courtship (to read together). You’ve got to keep books in mind for book study, and don’t forget about the popular DVDs on intelligent design – Unlocking the Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet and Darwin’s Dilemma. Another good DVD is Icons of Evolution.

UPDATE: There is a whole article on the book with quotes here.

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