Sean McDowell is interviewed by atheist Luke Muehlhauser

Sean McDowell is interviewed by Common Sense Atheism. (H/T Conversant Life)

The MP3 file is here.


  • Sean’s testimony (he is the son of Christian apologist Josh McDowell)
  • Sean’s debate with James Corbett on the grounding of morality
  • The role of public debates in Christian evangelism
  • Sean’s new book on the emergent church and the emerging generation
  • Can apologists on both sides really be honest about pursuing truth?
  • Are apologists on both sides good at encountering ideas on the other side?
  • Do doctrines like Heaven and Hell corrupt the honest pursuit of truth?
  • Why doesn’t Josh defend “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” from critics?
  • What should we make of weird moral rules in the Old Testament today?

Sean’s amazing debate:

This is a MUST-LISTEN. You will love this debate or your money back. And you can even watch the debate here.

5 thoughts on “Sean McDowell is interviewed by atheist Luke Muehlhauser”

  1. This was very interesting indeed! A believer against an agnostic.

    James Corbett is right on what he said. But he didn’t respond to Sean McDowell, he just spoke about a completely different thing.

    It is clear to me that we must broaden God’s definition and theological foundation. If we do that we can really unite all people in G-d’s morality. Thus I agree with them both they do not clash in the essence of their points of view, they both seem to believe in a rational and spiritual moral code.


  2. Man… that James Corbett guy was kicked out at the end of the debate… was he ill prepared? Sean McDowell has is case well studied! He has a great case.


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