Star Parker is running for Congress in California

Star Parker
Star Parker

Story from Michelle Malkin‘s blog, by LaShawn Barber. Star Parker is running for Congress against Democrat Laura Richardson.


In Uncle Sam’s Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What We Can Do About It, Parker traced the shift in America’s attitude from a belief in strong families and hard work to the flawed idea that the government’s role is to solve social problems.

“Social engineers of the late 1960s told Americans that black people could not take control over the poverty in their lives due to centuries of racism and segregation,” Parker writes. The onus was now on society to “fix” poverty, and taxpayers are still pouring money into it. But poverty can’t be fixed with money, Parker asserts. Moral bankruptcy, caused by the scourge of relativism, must be overcome. Government safety nets allow people to escape the consequences of personal behavior. As a result, there is little incentive to learn from bad behavior.

Holy Snark! Forget Congress, let’s elect her as President! Did you see that she blames everything on moral relativism!!! Gah! She’s perfect!

Take a look at this article about her from WORLD magazine, written by Marvin O’Lasky.


Parker, born in 1956, is a Republican who hasn’t held political office before, but we joked last month that she had a ready reply if attacked on grounds of inexperience: You’re wrong. I’ve stolen. I’ve lied. I know how to do wrong. Indeed she does. Drugs, armed robbery, four abortions: “I was very flirty and promiscuous, and several bouts with sexually transmitted diseases didn’t stop me.”

Parker, on welfare, learned that “welfare policy hurts the very people we’re trying to help. It boiled down to, ‘Don’t work, don’t save, don’t get married. We’ll take care of you.'” She wanted extra cash that wouldn’t be reported, but when she applied at one Los Angeles business headed by “really good-looking guys,” they refused to pay under-the-table and also said that her lifestyle was “unacceptable to God.”

They didn’t hire her but they did keep calling her, asking her to go to church with them, and she finally did—”and things started changing. I felt equipped to make proper decisions. I could say no to junkie friends. I could say no to the guys I knew.” Parker went off welfare, took a job answering phones in the basement of a food distribution company, learned that she had a gift for selling, gained a degree in marketing, and started her own business.

The business was a magazine that spotlighted church-sponsored events of interest to singles. It did well but crashed in 1992 when Los Angeles (including many of her advertisers) burned in the Rodney King riots. Parker began speaking out against those who thought “that even these riots were somebody else’s fault. I had been hearing for so long the rhetoric that everything that happens to blacks is because of somebody white.”

Parker particularly spoke out on two issues within her own experience. One was education: After balking at a fifth abortion, she gave birth and by 1992 had a child in the sixth grade—”and her school was horrible.” She became a strong advocate of education vouchers and soon was nationally known. The other issue was welfare reform: She and I were involved in that in 1995 and 1996, and I saw her epignosis—knowledge from personal experience—filling in the blanks for members of Congress who had previously moaned about costs without adding up the human toll.

Wowie-wow-wow! Now that’s how women are supposed to sound! School choice! Welfare reform! She sounds ideal!

Oh by the way, here’s a picture of LaShawn Barber.

LaShawn Barber
LaShawn Barber

Always good to post more pictures of conservative women, I always say. And these two are both Christians, too!

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