Brian Auten reviews William Lane Craig’s new basic apologetics book

Here’s the book review on Apologetics 315.


On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision by William Lane Craig is an introductory-level text from one of the leading apologists today. Written with the layman in mind, Craig has geared his most powerful arguments found in Reasonable Faith into a more approachable, readable book. It is not only easily accessible for the layman, but the book itself contains illustrations, sidebars, argument maps, and summaries that make understanding and retaining the material an easier task. This review will provide an overview of the content and an assessment of the book’s usefulness for its intended audience.

[…]The book’s included questions provide a good starting point for personal and group study. In sum, On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision is a great contribution as a layman’s apologetics textbook. When the study guide is published, this will be a tremendous resource for small groups. Highly recommended – excellent content, very accessible to the layman, and well-suited for small group use.

The actual review goes over the 10 chapters in more detail, and talks about specific features that make the book more useful for beginners. My Dad is reading Reasonable Faith, 3rd. edition right now, and he skipped a lot of the science part. But he still loves to book and he’s into the history now. Maybe I should have gotten him “On Guard” instead? And it’s only $10 from Amazon.

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