877 snowfall records were set last week in the USA

The post is here on Michael’s Comments. (H/T ECM)

The map:


The [AGW] hypothesis has been falsified by:

(1) the missing thermal signature of CO2 in the tropical atmosphere which the IPCC model requires.

[…](2) new and better data from Antarctic and Greenland ice cores showing that CO2 does not cause warming, but is a feedback effect.

[…](3) the recent demonstration by German physicists, published in International Journal of Modern Physics, that the IPCC model violates the First and Second Laws of Thermodymics (i.e., their predictions are impossible) and that the atmosphere does not faintly resemble a greenhouse.

[…](4) both surface station data and new satellite data (which is not subject to distortion from the “urban island effect” or rigging by undisclosed computer models used by AGW alarmists) indicate that the warming trend had stopped by 2002 while CO2 continued to increase substantially — which the IPCC model does not permit.

[…](5) recent publication, in a prestigious peer reviewed journal, of evidence that the actual cause of modern global warming is CFCs interacting with cosmic radiation.  Unfortunately for the politicians, bureaucrats and grant pimps, CFCs are a problem that has already been fixed, and the ozone holes over the poles are repairing themselves.

How can the AGW alarmists maintain their religion in the face of such science?

This is a great post. Read the whole thing! And send it to your friends! (Also, “Al Gore” is apparently leaving angry comments in the post, so read those too!).

6 thoughts on “877 snowfall records were set last week in the USA”

  1. You should be able to tell just from a quick visual inspection that that map is a lie – it has dots on cleveland and a close surrounding area – cleveland barely received any snow last week.

    Additionally, it has dots on the syracuse, NY area – the snowfall would have had to have been close to 8 ft to set a record, when I went home last week, I can vouch that there was no snow even remotely that deep.

    Maybe he’s saying the record is the lack of snow?


  2. Robb,

    You are right about the syracuse dot I mentioned – they’re talking about the nor-easter that hit a little east of where I was.

    But I still can’t figure out for the life of me where the cleveland dot comes from …but then again, I didn’t even think of the nor-easter, so I’m probably missing something


  3. I did a little digging and found that the original author derived the map from the following data:


    If you filter on Ohio and then click on “daily” records you will see that there are quite a few Ohio cities that had record snowfall. Maybe that dot doesn’t represent Cleveland alone. Not sure how that map was made but it does seem there were some records set, to some degree, in NE Ohio.


  4. To be fair, when you filter “monthly” or “overall” rather than “daily” there are no Ohio cities that come up. There are many other cities from other states though that fall into those categories, however. Not sure how the map takes it all into account.


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