Ten ways that Obama stimulated the economy with government spending

Marathon Pundit has the top 10 ways that Obama and the Democrats stimulated the economy with government spending.

Number 6 is my favorite:

A $6 Million Snowmaking Facility In Duluth, Minn.”
(“The Challenge In Counting Stimulus Returns,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/27/09)
(Top 101 Cities With The Highest Average Snowfall In A Year (Population 50,000+))

Number 9 is also hilarious:

9. $3.4 MILLION FOR A TURTLE TUNNEL IN FLORIDA: A $3.4 Million ‘Ecopassage’ To Help Turtles Cross A Highway In Tallahassee, Fla.”
(“The Challenge In Counting Stimulus Returns,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/27/09)

Click here for the rest. They all have references – these are not made-up.

If you want to understand why government spending caused our unemployment rate to rise to 10.2% and higher, then check out this post in which I talk about two Harvard University economists who lay it out in plain English, and contrasts George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama on job creation. Hint: Obama is not winning, and he’s not winning on deficits, either.

6 thoughts on “Ten ways that Obama stimulated the economy with government spending”

  1. The so-called turtle tunnel is being built to increase human safety to a deadly stretch of highway that is prone to wildlife incursions. Some animals like 12 foot alligators and 40 pound turtles pose a serious risk to motorists. Because the project happens to save turtles – simply because they are blocked from entering the roadway – the project has garnered the attention of the media. The project actually went to bid at $1 million less than anticipated – the cost to retrofit 2 miles of 4-lane divided highway that was built through the middle of a lake. This particular project is part of the stimulus that was allocated to infrastructure improvements. The project puts 200 people to work for at least 9 months, during a time when construction jobs are hard to come by.


    1. Consider the cost per job created by stimulus funds in Texas: $545,000.

      Do you understand that money spent by the government for construction jobs was taken out of the private sector? The private sector is where the vast majority of full-time, permanent jobs are created.

      Obama caused the 10.2% unemployment rate by taking huge amounts of money out of the private sector. Do you deny that the unemployment rate now is almost DOUBLE the average of what it was during Bush’s two terms? Bush cut taxes, but Obama increased government spending. Bush REDUCED the unemployment rate, and Obama increased it. And that’s not my opinion – that’s FACT. And the research paper by the two Harvard economists prove that it is a fact. Tax cuts lower unemployment, government spending raises unemployment.

      The private sector is FAR more efficient at creating jobs than big government, and without the overhead of government employees, who must get their cut before any money is spent. The fact is that government employees are less careful and more wasteful because they are spending other people’s money.

      Obama said that passing his stimulus act would keep the unemployment rate below 8%. Was he outright lying or just completely ignorant of economics? It has to be one or the other. (I believe it’s the latter)


  2. It seems deception is afoot wintery – Bush started his presidency with 4.2% unemployment (http://data.bls.gov/PDQ/servlet/SurveyOutputServlet?data_tool=latest_numbers&series_id=LNS14000000) and ended it with 6.7% and rising (http://data.bls.gov/PDQ/servlet/SurveyOutputServlet?data_tool=latest_numbers&series_id=LNS14000000). So it’s actually fact that Bush INCREASED unemployment. So it wasn’t obama or the democrats that caused the 10% unemployment. (I’m also not saying it was just Bush who did because like many things, it’s more complicated than that, but since you like things simple…).

    Tax cuts don’t lower unemployment, higher spending (by the private sector) lowers unemployment. You can give business’s all the tax cuts and credits you want, but if customers aren’t spending, they can’t afford to hire. Again, simple economics.

    Additionally, unless the turtle tunnels were something was added by Obama himself (if it was part of the stimulus package, the local municpalities decide what to spend it on), this is a budget that was mostly formed by the previous administration in the previous year.

    I do agree that the private sector is better at job creation, but the private sector is stalled and that’s what he is trying to jump start, though he is failing miserably because of his stronger focus on healthcare. If you paid attention to Bush, you would realize not all tax cuts work – bush cut taxes and it led to record deficits (though obama’s working hard to break all of those records). US corporations have some of the lowest realized tax rates in the world (and since I know you don’t know what I’m talking about since Rush Limbaough doesn’t talk about this, I thought I would save you the trouble of having to learn some more economics:http://www.smartmoney.com/investing/economy/high-corporate-tax-rate-is-misleading-22463/)


      1. Like I said, look at when the Democrats take over Congress in late 2006. Look at the unemployment rate from 2000 to 2006. It’s below 5%. Things go wrong then. You should search for an article on Bush’s tax cuts and their effects on revenues and employment to end the recession of 2001. Tax cuts spur private sector job creation. Government spending hurts private sector job creation.

        I think that the low interest rates are also partially to blame. They should not stay low for so long.


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