Why are some Christians uncomfortable with the doctrine of Hell?

I’ve decided to do a series on Hell.

I wanted to say a few words about the following topics, one per day:

Now, I am no theologian, but I am going to take a crack at answering these questions from a layman’s point of view, and the more experienced people can correct me where I am mistaken. I am answering all these questions from an Wesleyan Protestant point of view. These are just my opinions, so please seek the advice of the Bible and more qualified theologians. And leave your corrections in the comments.

Why are some Christians uncomfortable with the doctrine of Hell?

Last time I explained that our number one job is to love God, and this means we have to know God first. But I also said that all of us fall short of this goal at least partly, because we all pursue selfish pleasure at least partly. Unfortunately, God requires us to be perfect in this, and the penalty for failure is death. Although God was very forgiving about this before sending Jesus to die in our place, he’s now very strict about it.

Anyone who accepts Jesus’ death as payment for not wanting to know God and to love him (sin) will avoid the punishment. Anyone who refuses Jesus’ sacrifice cannot spend eternity in the presence of God. The duration of Heaven or Hell is the same for all, but the degree of punishment depends on the specific sins you commit, with the worst sins being sins against God.

For anyone who accepts Jesus’ sacrifice, it becomes possible to have a relationship with God, which involves knowing him and following him. This is actually quite exciting although it is also very dangerous and painful. God wants people to know his character through the historical record of his Son stepping into history as the man Jesus. And then he wants people to follow Jesus’ teachings and example in their daily lives.

This is known as the gospel. But the problem is that many Christians don’t believe that refusing to know and love God is a sin worthy of death. They don’t really believe that the standard is perfect love for God. They don’t really believe that we sin by not loving God perfectly. They don’t believe that Jesus had to die in our place. They don’t believe that rejecting Christ’s sacrificial death is worthy of Hell.

In fact, they’ve decided that there is a new way to get to Heaven. The new way to go to Heaven is by pursuing happy feelings and being nice to people. You can just believe anything you want about God, and make all your decisions without knowing anything about God, and maximize your own happiness in this life. And since almost everybody does this, then almost everybody goes to Heaven, (except people who believe in sin and Hell).

Here are some of the reasons why some “Christians” invented this new way to avoid Hell:

  • They don’t believe that God exists objectively
  • They don’t believe that God has an objective personality or will for his creatures
  • They think that the purpose of religious belief and practice is to make themselves feel happy
  • They think that logic and evidence can’t be used to know about God’s existence or character
  • They don’t want to be rejected by other people for talking about sin or Hell
  • They think that God wants them to be silent about sin and Hell, so other people will be happy
  • They believe that the Bible doesn’t provide accurate information about what God is like
  • They think that purpose of reading the Bible is to affirm their own feelings and intuitions
  • They don’t want to do what the Bible plainly says because that makes them less happy
  • They think that God’s will for his creatures is that they be happy and nice to one another
  • They think that if other religions make people happy and nice, then they are paths to Heaven

Many of these people enjoy going to church and especially singing in the church.

But there is one they fear more than Superman fears Kryptonite. What could that be?


5 thoughts on “Why are some Christians uncomfortable with the doctrine of Hell?”

  1. Yep, i think you are right, mostly and the answer of your question is; They are afraid of god. So they dont know if he really exists, but they are afraid that is that true.

    (sry i am german, not that good english as i expect.)


    1. Thanks for your comment. If God exists and he has a swill for us, then they would have to give their freedom. That is why people are so interested in anything that takes God’s existence and character out of the realm of FACTS and into the realm of BLIND FAITH. Blind faith is under the control of their will – they can believe it or not as they wish when they wish. But if God exists and has a will for them as a matter of FACT, then they are on the hook whether they like it or not.


  2. Unfortunately, this unbiblical doctrine has been propagated by Christian pastors who people that their loved ones who die not knowing God will go to heaven. Who else has been to a funeral of a non Christian who hasn’t been to a church since childhood, that takes place in a church building and is officiated by a pastor? These pastors offer platitudes to make the ones left behind feel better, and I understand that, but in the long run, it doesn’t serve the people who they’re ministering to. We, as Christians, ought not to offer people lies in their grief. Console, yes, and certainly do not tell them outright that their loved one is probably not in Heaven (because that is both rude and we ought not to judge a man’s heart in this respect), but we should not lie by offering Scripture verses and false assurances.


  3. Your “reasons” are so accurate! Some Christians have taken the uncompromising message of Jesus’s death in place of ours, and changed it into a “feel good” message. That way, every one who isn’t Hitler or Stalin can make it into heaven.

    God is so perfectly good that he cannot live with sin and evil. The consequences for sin and evil is death, which is why OT Jews had to slaughter animals as a sacrifice. Then Jesus became the final sacrifice for all people; a sacrifice that makes a believer sinless in God’s eyes. I know that this is the only reason why I’m saved from death.

    Along with being afraid of hell, have you ever noticed that people squirm when you mention Satan? As if he’s a boogeyman we made up, rather than a real evil being.

    Thank you for not being afraid to confront lukewarm Christians.


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