Friday night funny: health care, legislators

Just a few items this week.

ECM sent me this video from I cannot believe that a political party put out an ad this good. (H/T Health Care BS via ECM)

Next, Frank J. asks whether doctors should really be making your health care decisions, instead of Obama.


Blinded by profit, doctors often try to remove tonsils from children. If your doctor wants to remove your child’s tonsils, take some step to make sure it’s necessary.

* Ask the doctor if he’s considered whether the problem could be just allergies or something.

* Ask how much profit will he make from this “necessary” procedure.

* Take your child’s medical files and send it to Barack Obama. He or another qualified bureaucrat will determine whether the operation is necessary.

* Wait eight to ten months for a response.

Remember: Only you can prevent doctors from making a profit off your kids’ tonsils.

Why trust trained professionals? They cost too much. A government worker can make the decision for a third of the price of a doctor. Think of the money we’ll save!

But seriously, should we really be hand over health care to Obama?

Recently at a townhall, when a woman asked whether she would have been able to get a pacemaker for her ninety-nine-year-old mother, Obama responded by saying her mother could have just taken painkillers. This illustrates what a lot of people have started to realize about Obama: He’s a moron.

That’s why his health care plans are not winning popular support; from Obama’s handling of the economy people know he’s a moron and they know health care will only be made worse by having a moron fiddle with it. They worry if they let Obama loose in a hospital, he’ll eat all the lollipops, chew on the wiring, and get a bio-hazard bucket stuck on his head. And if the moron Obama chases a ball into traffic, the White House has a spare moron, Biden, waiting. That’s why we have to keep health care out of governments hands: Government is full of morons who couldn’t make in the private sector just waiting to get their stupid on everything. You don’t want your life in their hands.

What Republicans need to do and I think public opinion will support is just keep moron Obama away from important things so he doesn’t hurt himself and others. Maybe they can have a resolution passed to pin mittens to his jacket.

On the other hand, there are some real medical problems that government needs to solve, as Scott Ott describes.


A provision of the comprehensive healthcare reform bill now before Congress includes $87 billion to establish a national research facility to study a condition called Lawmaker Reading Disorder (LRD), according to summaries of the bill prepared by professional lobbyists.

Experts say symptoms of LRD include a variety of ‘avoidance strategies’ when confronted with a legal or ethical obligation to read legislation before voting on it.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Happy Friday!

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