Glenn Beck compares Alaska and California

Commenter ECM spotted this video. This is something that we all need to watch twice.

If I had to rate candidates, I would rate Obama as an F, McCain as a C, and Sarah Palin as a A-. She only had a few flaws, and we missed out on her superior policies because of the left-wing media and an economically illiterate electorate.

Remember why people voted against Sarah Palin?

We could have had a fiscal conservative that would have turned around the Democrat-caused recession. But many people believed the media and the comedians instead of a proven voting record and a sound balance sheet. So remember to blame the left-wing media if you lose your job and your electricity costs go through the roof!

US Unemployment Rate
US Unemployment Rate
Who cut spending more? Bush or Obama?
Who cut spending more? Bush or Obama?
Budget Deficit
Budget Deficit
Public Debt Outlook
Public Debt Outlook

I am worried about the future… we should have elected Sarah Palin.

3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck compares Alaska and California”

  1. The “big 3” networks were 18-1 negative against Palin. 18 to 1! And people had no idea why they didn’t like her. I am so ashamed of Christians who just get news from the MSM and vote accordingly. I’m not saying the Right is always right, but get a little balance.

  2. I really don’t have much idea about how each State government works in the US of A and am not going to pretend otherwise. But I am genuinely curious. Both Alaska and California have Republican governors, don’t they? So why is there a conflict in policies, be it economic or social? I mean, don’t all republicans have a consensus on policies? Shouldn’t the States led by Republican governors implement the policies endorsed by the Republican party? I am sorry if I sound extremely ignorant, but hey,I don’t belong there.

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