Evan Sayet explains why progressives believe what they believe

One of the tragedies of being an active blogger is that you don’t get to visit all the blogs you used to visit before you started blogging. Well, since Ace linked to my notice about the upcoming debate of the century between Christopher Hitchens and William Lane Craig, I figured: now is the time. So I went over there and scrolled around, catching up on who is drinking Valu-Rite vodka, and who is polishing LauraW’s hump.

And I noticed that the brilliant Jewish comedian Evan Sayet, a 9/11 Democrat, has given another speech at my favorite think tank, the Heritage Foundation. If you missed Evan’s first brilliant speech, (brilliant because you learn TONS of stuff that you’ve never heard before!), don’t miss it now. But do not even think about watching this speech if you are a thin-skinned special-interest leftist. You can’t handle it.

Here is the link to his FIRST speech for the Heritage Foundation  if you missed it:

Here is the audio (MP3) and video of the second speech.

Topics of the second video include:

  • What progressives believe: postmodern skepticism, moral equivalence, creative anti-realism
  • How progressives side with evil instead of good so that everyone will be equal
  • How progressives believe that failure is never an individual’s responsibility, but always the fault of some group of oppressors
  • How progressives believe that success can only achieved by oppressing others
  • Why progressives believe in redistribution of wealth and zero-sum game economics
  • and more

I really like listening to this guy, and so will you! Listen to both of his speeches. You are never going to hear direct truth, as from a fire hydrant, like you will by listening to Evan Sayet. Pay attention to what he says at the end of the second speech. Our hope lies in our individual willingness to speak out intelligently to our neighbors about what we believe and why we believe it.

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