Apologetics 315 lists the 16 best apologetics podcasts

The list of podcasts is here.

Here are the ones I listen to:

1. Reasonable Faith – William Lane Craig
3. Unbelievable?
6. Defenders Podcast – William Lane Craig
11. Intelligent Design the Future

But there are a bunch of new ones I had never heard of in his list. Check it out!

And let me just plug a podcast that is not related to Christian apologetics: the Investors Business Daily podcast (RSS link). This is by far the best podcast available on issues ranging from economics, to foreign policy to social policy. I highly recommend this podcast.

4 thoughts on “Apologetics 315 lists the 16 best apologetics podcasts”

    1. Hey, I see you have a series of posts on Black Anomalies, and that you are one. Well, guess what? I’m also a colored person. Isn’t it fun to buck the trend? I love being a rebel, although it isn’t easy. Say, have you ever read any Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams? Those are my two favorite living economists, both black. Please bookmark my site and stop by. I have a great post on apologetics style that I am writing right now for publication tomorrow at 6 AM EST. Don’t miss it!


  1. You’ve got a good eye for great resources. I think Reasonable Faith and Unbelievable are the best two podcasts. ID the Future is a good one too. With your interest in apologetics, I think you’ll be interested in my blog as well (Cloud of Witnesses). I’m doing a philosophy word of the day, which gravitates toward terms that are relevant to theism and apologetics. Here’s the address: http://greatcloud.wordpress.com/.

    Keep up the good work!


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