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Should abortion be legal in cases of rape? Rebecca Kiessling tells her story

Rebecca Kiessling: conceived by rape
Rebecca Kiessling: conceived by rape

In the liberal UK Guardian, of all places. (H/T Mary)


I always knew I was adopted. My mother told me I’d been chosen and I should feel extra special. A tall blonde growing up with short, brunette Jewish parents, all I ever felt was awkward and out of place.

When I was about nine, I began to think endlessly about my biological parents. Was my father athletic, like me? Did I have my mother’s blue eyes? I stared at people on the street, fantasising that they were my birth parents.

I was 12 when I told my adoptive parents I wanted to find my birth mother. I was being bullied at school, because I looked so different from the other girls, and felt lost and unhappy. I thought if I could find out where I came from, I would somehow fit in better.

They were supportive, and gave me the name of the adoption lawyer they’d used, but he told me I had to be 18. I called him back on the day of my 18th birthday. I discovered my mother was Caucasian, with German, Irish and English ancestry, and had been 31 when she had me. I had a brother and a sister who were 11 and 13 when I was born. Under “Father” it simply stated: “Caucasian, of large build.”

I was confused. My father had obviously not been her husband, as I’d assumed. I read the file over and over, analysing every word. “It sounds like a police description,” I said to my adoptive mum. Then an awful thought struck me. Had my mother been raped? The more I studied the file, the more convinced I became. I rang my case worker.

“Was my mum raped?” I asked straight out, catching her off guard.

“Yes,” she replied. The confirmation was devastating. No wonder my mother had given me up; I was an unbearable reminder of a violent attack. My adoptive parents tried to reassure me I was loved, but my confidence was destroyed.

Read the rest. It might change your view, if you believe that abortion in cases of rape are OK.

I did a little checking on Rebecca Kiessling and found these things:

  • Pro-Life Activist and International Pro-life Speaker, in NYC this week lobbying at the U.N.’s Status on Women Conference and speaking at 5 events.
  • Family law attorney with four pro bono cases of international attention all involving the protection of preborn human life, including the “frozen embryo” case in Michigan. Two of those cases involved rape and abortion. Also, represented a woman sued for not aborting. (practiced law as “Rebecca Wasser” before she married)
  • May 1994 graduate of Wayne State Law School in Detroit
  • Mother of 5 (two adopted)
  • Served as vice-chair of a crisis pregnancy center for two years and on the advisory board of Michigan Nurses for Life
  • Currently serves on the Advisory Board of Crossroads Pregnancy Center
  • Conducts workshops, “An Abortion-Minded Client’s Life-Giving Legal Options” based on Michigan law.
  • Testified before the Ohio Legislature on the Prefer Childbirth Over Abortion legislation which would, in part, remove the rape exception from the ban on Medicaid funding of abortions in Ohio

Here’s a video she did for CBN:

The logic of the pro-life position is pretty clear in these cases. Let the child live and put her up for adoption. That logic is enough to win the argument, but I hope that Rebecca will stick in your mind and give you courage on this issue. Every person was made to know God or to help others to know God, and therefore every person has infinite value.