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Florida judge rules that Rifqa Bary must return to her Muslim parents in Ohio

Story from Fox News. (H/T Jihad Watch via Andrew)

But with two conditions – so there is hope that she may yet live.


A Florida judge on Tuesday said Rifqa will be returned to Ohio once her parents meet two conditions. First, the Barys must [show] they are in the U.S. legally. The judge said he asked the couple for their immigration papers three months ago and has only seen a partial VISA and an incomplete passport. The judge said a contempt of court charge is a possibility if he doesn’t get the paperwork.

Second, the Barys must prove that the teenager can continue the virtual high school program she began in Florida while in Ohio.

Bary’s parents have filed a criminal complaint against the Central Florida pastors who assisted their daughter.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs was at the hearing and has more. Sounds like she will be returned to a foster home for 30 days and then sent back to her parents, unless the parents fail to meet the Florida judge’s two conditions.

CRISIS: Rifqa Bary’s hearing is today! Please take action now!

UPDATE: Robert Spenser reports that Rifqa will stay in Florida until the next hearing on September 29, 2009. Pamela Geller has videos.

Here is a call to action regarding the ex-Muslim 17-year-old girl from Ohio who converted to Christianity and fled her parents.

Fox News has a story about the line her attorney will take.


In a 35-page memorandum filed Monday in Orange County family court, attorney John Stemberger claims Fathima Rifqa Bary, who will remain in foster care in Florida at least until a hearing on Thursday, should not be returned to the custody of her parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary, because of their connection to the Noor Islamic Cultural Center near Columbus, Ohio.

“The leader of the mosque, Dr. Hany Saqr, was previously an imam for another area mosque at the same time the largest known Al Qaeda cell in the U.S. since 9/11 was operating out of the mosque,” the document read. “Additionally, Dr. Saqr was identified in exhibits submitted by the Department of Justice in a recent terrorism finance trial in Texas as being one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America — an international organization responsible for birthing virtually every Islamic terrorist organization in the world, including Al Qaeda.”

The center also is affiliated with Dr. Salah Sultan, a “cleric alleged photographed with terrorist leaders designated as such by the U.S. government,” according to the document, and frequently hosts “extremist speakers” who have allegedly made statements supporting violence and terrorism.

Stemberger also claims the Noor Center has been “directly tied” to an ongoing probe into Somali-American youths who fled the U.S. to train in terror camps operated by the Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab terror organization.

You can read more about her mosque here on the Jawa Report.

Lots of videos on some of the characters affiliated with the radical mosque attended by Rifqa’s parents.

Take action

Governor Charlie Crist’s office:

Phone: (850) 488-4441 and (850) 488-7146
Fax: (850) 487-0801
Email: Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com

Florida Department of Children and Family:
George H. Sheldon, Secretary
Phone: (850) 487-1111
Fax: (850) 922-2993

And after you’ve contacted both of them, PLEASE PRAY! This is life or death!

Her parents planned to flee the country

The Washington Times has more on the case. (H/T Jihad Watch)


In mid-July her mother went through Rifqa’s private things and found her journal. It was then revealed to her mother that Rifqa was a practicing Christian. Mrs. Bary called her husband and alerted him that Rifqa was still practicing Christianity in secret.

Mr. Bary cut his business trip short to return home immediately while Mrs. Bary packed the family’s bags to go back to Sri Lanka. Whether Rifqa would have been honor murdered before or after they returned to Sri Lanka is known only to the Barys.

It was very clear that Rifqa’s father planned to flee the country with his threatened daughter. According to very recent documentation, Mr. Bary dissolved his business on July 29 — after Rifqa ran for her life (fearing an honor killing for her apostasy) and was discovered in Florida.

This was not an insignificant business, with annual sales of $237,561. That’s a lot to give up. So why did Mr. Bary dissolve his business so suddenly? He obviously did not expect Rifqa to prevail in Florida court. Like all the pundits, he expected Rifqa would have to go back to Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Bary signed papers in Ohio with Franklin County Children Services, saying they would be happy if she were brought back to the state and placed in a foster home for at least 30 days. They just wanted to get her back in Ohio and out of Florida and Floridian interference.

Thirty days in foster care in Ohio (and what good does that do?) and then they wing her to Sri Lanka. Rifka said it herself: “In 150 generations of my family, no one has known Jesus. I am the first one. Imagine the honor in killing me. There is great honor in that. Because if they love Allah more than me, they have to do it. It’s in the Koran. … They have to do this. They just have to. Either they do that or they send me back to Sri Lanka. There’s an asylum there where they put people like me, like, think I’m crazy.”

Mr. Bary began the process of dissolving his business in early July when it became increasingly clear that Rifqa was a true convert to Christianity. At that time, he waved her laptop at her and said, “You are dead to me. You are not my daughter.” He told her: “I will kill you.”

His sudden dissolving of his business indicates he was deadly serious. But you won’t learn them from the mainstream media. For them, and for the almost-as-clueless courts, he is “indigent.”

And don’t forget about the two brave Iranian women still in a filthy Iranian fail for refusing to deny Christ. Pray for them, too!

(Note: if you want to know where Obama is, look here. We are on our own!)

Update on Christian teen Rifqa Bary

Story from Fox News.


A 17-year-old runaway who claims she fled her Muslim family’s home in Ohio because she feared becoming the victim of an “honor killing” will stay in Florida — temporarily — a judge ruled Friday.

Rifqa Bary, a Christian convert whose parents are Muslim immigrants from Sri Lanka, will remain in foster care in Florida until another hearing is held Sept. 3.

Rifqa fled to Florida after her parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary, learned that she was baptized earlier this year without their knowledge. The parents reported her missing to Columbus, Ohio, Police on July 19. Weeks later, using cell phone and computer records, police tracked the girl to the Rev. Blake Lorenz, pastor of the Orlando-based Global Revolution Church.

This part of the article is scary:

Dr. Phyllis Chesler, an author and professor of psychology at the Richmond College of the City University of New York, said she believes Bary will be in danger if she is sent back to her parents.

“Anyone who converts from Islam is considered an apostate, and apostasy is a capital crime,” Chesler wrote FOXNews.com. “If she is returned to her family, if she is lucky, they will isolate her, beat her, threaten her, and if she is not ‘persuaded’ to return to Islam, they will kill her. They have no choice.”

Chesler, who wrote “Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?” for Middle East Quarterly, said the tradition of such slayings is not fully understood by most Americans, including those in law enforcement.

“She escaped from her family’s brutal tyranny and shamed her family further through public exposure,” Chesler said. “Muslim girls and women are killed for far less.”

I have been praying for Rifqa and the two Iranian Christian women now being help in an Iranian prison. I hope you have been praying, too!