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What is natural law and why do conservatives believe in it?

Bill Whittle has posted part 4 of his excellent series on what conservatives believe.

Today’s episode is on natural law and the rule of law.

Here are the previous parts:

This is wonderful for Christians to watch. When you watch them, think about how your life goals are much easier with these policies as opposed the policies in North Korea or Cuba. Your liberties, including your precious religious liberty, all hangs on these ideas. You cannot conduct a Christian life if you are taxed too much, or if the government indoctrinates your children in government-run schools, or if you cannot even afford books on apologetics and theology because you have no money left over after buying food. Think about your Christian life as an enterprise – what do you need from the government, the courts and the private sector in order to succeed?

Bill Whittle explains how wealth is created

Part 3 of an ongoing series about what conservatives believe. (H/T Ponder With Us)

This one is on wealth creation and free trade.

Parts 1 and 2 are here.

What’s the difference between conservatives and liberals?

Well, you’d say what Bill Whittle says about conservatives in these two videos. (H/T ECM)

1) Conservatives value limited government and free enterprise

If you like having a choice when you go shopping or if you like having a job, then you’re a conservative. If you like collecting welfare, and preventing people from choosing better schools for their children, then you’re a progressive/liberal/socialist/communist.

2) Conservatives value individual choices over government control

If you think that you know best how to run your own life, then you’re a conservative. If you think that the government should run your life for you, then you’re a progressive/liberal/socialist/communist.

What do conservatives look like?

Here’s my favorite conservative, Representative Michele Bachmann:

This is what conservatives look like and sound like. Are you one?