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Canadian pro-lifers to begin “The New Abortion Caravan” on May 29

Finally, someone revealed to me what the secret pro-life project is all about. It’s a project of Canadian pro-lifers. They are planning a pro-life speaking and debating tour of Canada starting on the west coast in Vancouver and ending at the capital city of Ottawa.

Basically, they are retracing the steps of a group of pro-abortion activists who traveled that same route in 1970 while trying to shift public opinion towards legalized abortion. Eighteen years after “The Abortion Caravan” completed their journey, abortion was made legal in Canada, through all nine months of pregnancy, and full funded by taxpayers – even pro-life taxpayers. Three million unborn children were killed after the law was changed. Additionally, pro-life doctors and nurses have been forced to perform abortions against their consciences – or lose their jobs.

Here’s what the pro-lifers intend to do:

On May 29, a team of young people who are survivors—all born at a time when their peers were being killed—will be re-tracing the steps of the 1970 Caravan. This New Abortion Caravan will also use vivid imagery. However, instead of focusing on a woman’s “choice,” this team from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) will use abortion imagery to force the Canadian public to consider what is being chosen.

The pre-born are Canada’s invisible children. It is time to make them, and their plight, visible to a public largely unaware of their fate.

The New Abortion Caravan will do that in such a way that in every community the Caravan passes through, the public will be confronted by the reality of “choice.”

They then describe some of the things they intend to do, with pictures.

And more:

In each city, the media will inevitably be compelled to cover the abortion issue once again as the New Abortion Caravan passes through. The presence of the dismembered pre-born victims will force Canadians and the media to recognize their plight. The historical resonance of the New Abortion Caravan confronting the injustices brought about by the original Abortion Caravan will force people to re-examine their conceptions about abortion.

[…]Besides its visual outreach, The New Abortion Caravan will stop in towns and cities and hold presentations and debates about abortion to answer the questions of the public and educate Canadians on this life and death issue.

After crossing the country to Toronto, the New Abortion Caravan will end in Ottawa, where politicians and the public will be forced to face the shattered bodies of Canadian children they have failed so badly.

Here’s an example of one of the events they have planned:

Date: June 6, 2012

Time: 7:30pm – 9:15pm


  • Stephanie Gray
  • Howard Nye

Event: Abortion Debate

Location: Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, 2nd floor, Room 90 11405 87th Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Click here to read more, but be on the alert for graphic images of aborted children.

Profile of Canadian pro-life debater Jojo Ruba

Here’s the article. (I linked to the printable version)


Before Jose “Jojo” Ruba spoke at St. Patrick’s Church last night as part of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Northern Ontario Truth Tour, he conceded he has a tough task ahead of him; making parallels between the civil rights movement and the abortion debate today would be tough for anyone.

That’s what Ruba, a graduate of Carleton University’s Journalism and Masters of Political Science programs, has set out to do on the Sudbury stop of his tour of Northern Ontario with his talk Injustice Interrupted: From the Civil Rights Movement to The Modern Abortion Debate.

Ruba, who’s approaching his 10th year as a public speaker, debater and educator on pro-life issues, said his talk examines the legacy of the civil rights movement and the lessons that can be taken from the social reform movement as it relates to the pro-life movement.

No stranger to controversy, Ruba said he knows it’s tough to draw comparisons, but added that he wants to give people some ideas as to why he thinks comparisons between the civil rights movement and the modern abortion debate are justified.

Ruba said his presentation focuses on an important question central to the argument : what are the unborn?

“If unborn are human beings like us, just as the civil rights activists fought for equality rights of human beings who were different, but still human beings, we say the same thing about the pre-born child.”

Ruba said that’s what he does as a “pro-lifer,” and a challenge he presents to other pro-lifers.

“If we truly believe there are 300 deaths every day of Canadians through legal abortion, how should we act? With gentleness and respect, of course, following the laws, but without compromise.”

Like those who fought for equal rights in the civil rights movement, Ruba is aware of those who would try to silence him.

Ruba recalled a time when he was giving a lecture at St. Mary’s University in Halifax when prochoice audience members shouted him down for 45 minutes.

“At McGill University in Montreal, they shouted me down for two hours,” Ruba said. “They started singing all 99 verses of 99 bottles of beer on the wall and also sang happy birthday for abortion.”

Ruba said that even in such a hostile environment, he was happy to stay afterward and answer questions.

“In fact, one of the protesters who started off chanting as part of the protest group, after hearing a bit of what I’d had to say, said he’d wished he’d heard more of the presentation. Even when it happened in Halifax, more people showed up at the next university on the tour because of the controversy.”

Ruba said it’s a person’s right to disagree with him, but argued the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is “a good thing, a democratic right.”

Here’s another video featuring Jojo Ruba that I featured previously.

Objective truth in the abortion debate – a pro-life training video

This is a training video from CCBR, a Canadian pro-life group I really like.

That guy in the video is the one who is always getting into trouble at university debates and lectures.

Here is his biography:

Jojo has taught pro-life apologetics for both Christian and secular audiences. He has represented the pro-life side in abortion debates held at universities, trained pro-lifers at conferences and given pro-life talks at different religious venues. Jojo has also spoken to the Parliamentary Pro-life Caucus, a group made up of pro-life Members of Parliament, in 2006.

In 2006, Jojo debated Tracy Davidson, the executive director of Planned Parenthood Ottawa, and Jeannette Doucet of Canadians for Choice in Ottawa. Abortion advocates were so frustrated with the debate that they tried to ban the pro-life club which organized it.

In 2009, abortion advocates at St. Mary’s University in Halifax shouted Jojo down for 45 minutes in an attempt to stop his presentation. Because of the publicity the protests received, more people attended Jojo’s subsequent talks in the area.

Jojo also shares the Christian case for the pro-life view at a variety of different church denominations across the country. He has spoken as the main Sunday morning speaker as well as at various church venues during the week.

One Christian friend, after hearing Jojo’s pro-life presentation, said, “I can’t believe they do this [abortion] in Canada” and now supports his work.

After graduating, Jojo worked for the National Campus Life Network, the only national pro-life student organization, where he organized two national pro-life conferences.

Jojo earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa. He is a co-founder of, and works full-time with, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Ugh! He went to that awful fascist Carleton University! No wonder they turned him into a pro-life debater!

You may also like this longer talk on pro-life apologetics by Scott Klusendorf delivered at an Alliance Defense Fund conference.