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Obama supporters using fake twitter accounts to push for gun control

The Heritage Foundation reports.


How far would President Obama’s supporters go to make his message dominant on gun control? Too far, according to Representative Steve Stockman’s (R-TX) office, which identified a number of fake Twitter accounts posting the same message: “I’m one of the 92% of Americans who support universal background checks. #WeDemandAVote.”

After President Obama called on supporters to tweet their Congressman with the #WeDemandAVote hashtag, bloggers recognized the duplicated, suspicious messages being aimed at Stockman.

In a press release, Stockman noted that of the 16 tweets directed at him, all were identical, only six were from real people and only one was actually from a constituent. Ten of 16 tweets sent were clearly fake accounts curated for the purpose of astroturfing the Twittersphere.

With no profile photos, no interaction with other people, and mostly following only members of Obama’s digital team, the tweeters in question don’t appear to be organic accounts. Additionally, many of the profiles appear to have been created less than 48 hours before the online campaign began – and one “user” hadn’t sent a tweet since 2008.

You can see the actual tweets in the Heritage post, and then look up the accounts yourself.

The Washington Times covers the same news story here.

Is MTV pressuring its employees to attend anti-Tea-Party rallies?

Story from Big Hollywood. (H/T ECM)


Now that the establishment’s favorite comedian, Jon Stewart, has the state-sanctioned approval of no less than the President of the United States for his upcoming “Mock-The-People” rally on October 30th, it only makes sense that Comedy Central’s state-enamored sister company, Barack-The-Vote MTV (both MTV and Comedy Central are owned by Sumner Redstone’s Viacom) would team up to do everything possible to help President Obama’s party in these dire final campaign days when the only question about the coming Republican wave is just how large it will be.

[…]An internal email reveals that MTV is investing heavily in making a success of Jon Stewart’s counter-rally to Glenn Beck’s incredibly successful August event. But the music network’s tactics give the whole affair a taint similar to October 2nd’s “One Nation” rally, where all that Big Labor-SEIU astro-turfing still wasn’t able to reproduce Beck’s grassroots success. Below is a portion of an email that I’m told just went out to some, and maybe all, MTV employees.

You have to click through for the e-mail from MTV to its employees.

This should come as no surprise, however. MTV is, after all, the same network that just held a “casting call” for the 250 young people needed for a townhall meeting the network was kind enough to arrange for the President just a few weeks before the midterm elections.

Also adding to the whole Stewart astro-turf vibe is Arianna Huffington, who just announced that she’s donating a cool $250k to bus in those who apparently wouldn’t go otherwise…

Compare that to Tea Party rallies where people drive their own cars and park them, no buses are used. And the signs are all hand-made, not manufactured by some union.

Friday night funny: astroturf, Obamacare, town halls

From Breitbart via ECM and Robb:

Also, stick-figure humor

Frank J. and Sarah K meet their annoying new neighbor.

What Democrats think of protesters

Scrappleface writes about the Democrat response to town halls.


An outbreak of tumultuous Democrat-run townhall meetings nationwide provides the best proof yet, President Barack Obama said today, that America needs government-run health care to provide low-cost medication to citizens who suffer from bouts of anger and depression.

“Clearly there are mental health issues which are not receiving proper attention under our current health care system,” the president said during his weekly Saturday radio address. “I’ve seen the red-faced citizens, shouting themselves hoarse, even babbling incoherently about rationing, loss of liberty, socialism and the like. These folks need help that the big insurance companies won’t give them because they’d rather line the pockets of their fat-cat stockholders.”

Happy Friday!