Gay activist vandalizes pro-marriage sign

LGBT activists are behaving badly, but the secular left wants to punish Christians

I’m in a bit of a grouchy mood these days, looking at how the secular left is becoming increasingly divorced from morality. When Christians speak up against what they’re doing, they turn on us and say we are the real villains. “Don’t judge” they cry, “it will make the weirdoes feel bad!” It seems to me that we are making a lot of withdrawals on the bank account of civilization, but no deposits.

Here is the first story of secular left depravity, reported by The Post Millennial:

A former Oregon elementary school teaching assistant and “drag mom” to a controversial child drag performer has been convicted of 11 felonies over the distribution of child sex abuse content and sentenced to less than a year in a local jail.

Kelsey Meta Boren, 33, was convicted in Lane County, Ore. on March 23 of 11 felony counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first degree. A single charge of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct was dismissed as part of the plea deal. Boren was sentenced to 330 days in county jail—30 days for each felony count—in a sweetheart deal agreed upon between the district attorney’s office and her counsel.

Before being arrested, Boren worked as a teaching assistant for special education students at Veneta Elementary in Veneta, Ore.

And another one reported by The Post Millennial:

An Idaho high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 16-year-old boy. Eric McDermott, 59, of Boise was booked into the Ada County Jail on Monday on charges of rape and sexual battery committed by lewd or lascivious acts on a minor child.

McDermott, who taught World Studies 8 and AP Human Geography, and coached basketball at Fairmont Junior High School, was also an outspoken LGBT activist.

[…]Following McDermott’s arrest, the Idaho Tribune dug into his past and revealed that he had been a prominent LGBT activist. He volunteered with the Pride Foundation’s Idaho Leadership Action Team, and appeared in numerous photographs the organization published to social media.

On McDermott’s social media, he openly discussed “youth outreach,” and the Tribune noted that he traveled all over the state attending drag shows and pride events in search of “volunteers” as young as sixteen. He also promoted sexually explicit literature aimed at teens via an online forum Goodreads, revealing that he made copies of a book series available to his junior high school students to borrow, the same series he conceded is “probably a bit more mature for this group’s target audience overall.”

So, what’s the argument against all this from the secular left? Silence. Only those rascally Christians are concerned about these things. And the secular left is actually more interested in stopping Christians from judging, than they are with stopping child abuse.

Here’s a story about Oregon reported in the Daily Signal:

The state of Oregon refused to allow a Christian mother of five to adopt two children after she said her religion would not let her take a young minor to receive cross-hormone injections—a policy that could prevent up to 78% of Americans from adopting children. Requiring adoptive parents to facilitate transgender procedures acts as a form of religious discrimination against many world religions, her attorneys say.

Jessica Bates has sued five Oregon state employees for adoption guidelines that effectively say, “Conservative Christians need not apply,” according to her legal brief.

Oregon state law requires all would-be adoptive parents to “respect, accept and support” the adoptee’s professed “sexual orientation, gender identity, [and] gender expression.” Bates said mandatory classes in the state’s adoption application process said this included using a child’s preferred pronouns, presenting same-sex relationships in a positive light, and taking children who identify as LGBT to transgender procedures.

[…]Bates expressed concern that Oregon state guidelines could prevent her from taking all her children to a church that upholds traditional beliefs on gender or teaching them Bible lessons that may contain verses that contradict “state orthodoxy.”

Banning Christians from adopting children is bad enough, but it’s not enough for the secular left. They want to escalate to violence in order to prevent any “judging”.

Here’s a story from The Post Millennial:

Utah State Senator Mike Kennedy’s Alpine city house was vandalized this week with red spray paint after sponsoring of SB16, a bill later signed into law that banned medical sex changes for minors, reports local news. The vandals spray painted the GOP state legislator’s home with “these trannies bash back” and “fash.”

On Friday, Kennedy posted images of the vandalism on Facebook and said, “To those who seek to use violence, vandalism, and intimidation to deter me from standing up for what is right, let me be clear: you will not succeed. I will not be deterred by your cowardly actions. The recent vandalism to my family’s home was not just an attack on me, but on the very principles our state stands for.”

Kennedy, who is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) continued, “We will not let fear and violence control our destiny. As Utahns, we will always stand up and push back against radicals who seek to push their agenda in our state. I am more determined than ever to work with the good people of Utah to make our state a better place for all, especially our children, and I won’t back down.”

[…]The bill was opposed by Equality Utah, an LGBTQ activist group…

Sometimes, people on the secular left worry that they might be doing bad things, which is why they are so interested in forcing people to celebrate them. But conservative Christians don’t need any celebration. When we look at what the secular left stands for, we know we’re right.

I’m seeing a lot of curiosity about theism in general and Christianity in particular from non-religious independents lately. I think they are realizing that evil is real, and evil is being promoted by the secular left. And they want to run as far away from them as possible, so they don’t get lumped in with them on the day of judgment. I hope you are all ready to answer questions about Christian topics, because we are about to have a lot of curious customers. And they aren’t going to be asking the trendy lefty “Christians” for answers. They’re going to be asking the real Christians – the ones who fought the evil. The ones who protected the children from evil.

3 thoughts on “LGBT activists are behaving badly, but the secular left wants to punish Christians”

  1. It’s like we’re living in Sodom and Gomorrah right now in the US. If it keeps going like it is now God’s going to have to apologize to the cities of the plain.


  2. All the universities charging “security fees” to conservative speakers (political or pro-life) never seem appropriate to me. Fairness would require charging “security fees” to the organizations promoting the mayhem (I’ll use this for obnoxious protests without destruction of property or threats of/actual violence that don’t prevent the invited speaker from participating in the planned event) or violence (covering event disruption, destruction of property, kidnapping, threats, injuries, etc.).

    Anyone saying “silence is violence” or “any restriction on me being able to [commit murder for my own convenience] is evil” or the like. Let them pay for the security out of their student budget instead of their planned activities or issue public statements in advance and to any mob that their organization doesn’t support violent activities (as listed above) in effect forcing them to be part of the security personally as well as financially.

    However, life is not fair. Logic is not taught or valued in the non-STEM fields. Cause and effect seems beyond the mental grasp of many people (Chicago Walmart locations lose millions of dollars annually and now they are closing them – shocking to the illogical). And a whole lot of current “adults” would have benefited from spending time writing “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” x 1000 (or more).

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  3. I now understand why Jesus when talking Peter said get behind me Satan when Peter had said something wrong. Jesus addressed the origin of what Peter said and made no apology for if his feelings were hurt.

    Address the source or wickedness and don’t apologize. We don’t need to be nice to demons or those that follow the sayings or doctrines of demons.

    If I was to be persecuted it is for proclaiming the gospel of christ and how he can free people from the bondage of sin.

    I don’t need to celebrate their bondage to the devil
    and his works

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