Evangelicals for Biden

Report: Hunter laptop letter from security officials was requested by the Biden campaign

I saw three interesting Biden administration scandals on Thrusday night, while reading at Just The News. The first one is about the Hunter Biden laptop. The second one is about the Biden administration’s refusal to prosecute Hunter Biden. And the third was about the head of the CDC lying about the COVID vaccine’s effectiveness.

First one:

A former acting CIA director has admitted to Congress that he organized the letter that falsely portrayed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation in an effort to influence the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden and that he did so at the direction of current Secretary of State Antony Blinken, according to a letter released Thursday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

The extraordinary admission by career intelligence officer Michael J. Morell provides stunning evidence that the now-infamous letter from 51 security officials in October 2021 was not an organic intelligence community initiative but rather a political dirty trick originating with Blinken and the Biden campaign.

[…]He also testified that the Biden campaign team coordinated to release the statement on the laptop to a specific reporter at the Washington Post and admitted that he got involved to help give Biden a leg up on Trump during the debates.

“There were two intents,” he said. “One intent was to share our concern with the American people that the Russians were playing on this issue; and, two, it was [to] help Vice President.” When asked why he wanted to help Biden, he replied, “because I wanted him to win the election.”

Second one:

A decorated supervisory IRS agent has reported to the Justice Department’s top watchdog that federal prosecutors appointed by Joe Biden have engaged in “preferential treatment and politics” to block criminal tax charges against presidential son Hunter Biden, providing evidence as a whistleblower that conflicts with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent testimony to Congress that the decision to bring charges against Biden was being left to the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney for Delaware.

[…]Two powerful House Committee chairmen vowed Wednesday that they would investigate and hold the Biden administration accountable if they were involved in criminal activity. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said that “obstruction of justice” could have occurred.

[…]”It’s clear from our investigation that Hunter and other members of the Biden family engaged in deceptive, shady business schemes to avoid scrutiny as they made millions from foreign adversaries like China,” the statement continued. “We’ve been wondering all along where the heck the DOJ and the IRS have been. Now it appears the Biden Administration may have been working overtime to prevent the Bidens from facing any consequences.”

Third one:

As the feds abandon a one-size-fits-all COVID-19 vaccine strategy in the face of plunging booster uptake, growing research on serious adverse events and the first government payments to victims of the novel therapeutics, the CDC’s director is trying to rewrite history.

In a hearing Wednesday, Rochelle Walensky told the House Appropriations subcommittee that funds her agency that COVID vaccines only stopped preventing transmission of the virus due to “an evolution of science,” contradicting her own agency’s uncertainty about the products during the early mass vaccination campaign and its contemporaneous data.

The exchange was prompted by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) reminding Walensky that she told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow March 29, 2021 that CDC data suggest “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” or “get sick,” based on both clinical trials and “real-world data.”

Walensky responded that the statement was true at the time, when the “wild-type” virus was dominant, but then revised it by saying “even if they got sick” infected people could not transmit COVID. Because of the “evolution of the virus” that’s no longer true, she told Clyde.

Hearing watchers quickly noted the CDC pulled the rug out from Walensky three days after her Maddow interview in a statement to The New York Times. “The evidence isn’t clear” on transmission by “fully vaccinated” people, which is “possible,” the agency said.

This story from Fox News was interesting, too:

The House on Thursday passed legislation aimed at preventing biological males from competing as transgender athletes in girls’ and women’s sports at schools across the country, after a debate in which several Democrats accused Republicans of “bullying” transgender students by calling up the bill.

The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act passed in a 219-203 vote Thursday morning — all the “yes” votes came from Republicans, and all the “no” votes came from Democrats.

It reminds me of the #EvangelicalsForBiden, and their view that voting for Biden would make the government behave more morally. Donald Trump picked three Supreme Court justices who repealed Roe v. Wade. That wasn’t good enough for Russell Moore and David French and the rest of the fake Christians. They wanted the scandals that I wrote about in this post. That’s the morality they wanted. And they got many low-information Christians to vote for that morality, too. I hope Christians vote for good policies in 2024.

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