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California man chooses to make a baby with a progressive woman, disaster ensues

So, there was a time when men could be less picky with women, and everything would be fine. The woman would not turn crazy, and attack the man. The government would not step in and get involved. But today, men need to accept that times have changed. And men have to be more careful about who they marry. And the government and the courts are much more likely to step in an ruin the man’s life.

Here’s a story Rose sent me from Daily Wire. (By the way, she is still coughing a lot, and not ready to record part 3 of Christianity and Socialism).


A San Francisco dad is fighting a nightmarish custody battle for his toddler son, who he says is being raised “non-binary” by his mother, who claims to be genderless.

Harrison Tinsley, 31, is seeking full custody of his son Sawyer, 3, who currently spends half of his time with Tinsley’s ex-girlfriend, the boy’s mother. Sawyer’s mother, 30, uses they/them pronouns for the boy and puts him in dresses and makeup, photos provided by Tinsley appear to show. Sawyer also told his dad that his mother put him in princess shoes on a trip to Disneyland, a video of the conversation shows. Sawyer’s mother may have thought about raising her son “non-binary” before he was even born. In what appears to be a Facebook post during her pregnancy, she refers to Sawyer as “my sweet baby boy or girl or neither if that’s what you feel.”

Sawyer himself rebels against his mom and insists he is a boy, his dad says.

[…]Gender confusion is not Tinsley’s only concern for his son — he is also concerned for the child’s immediate safety.

Back in 2021, Sawyer’s mother was arrested and booked in jail for felony child endangerment when then-1-year-old Sawyer fell off a bed during an altercation between the mother and her roommate, police body cam footage viewed by The Daily Wire shows.

The San Francisco police gave custody of Sawyer to the mother’s two dads for the night and put her on a psychiatric hold at the hospital. She was ultimately not convicted of a crime.

This sounds terrible, but what can single men learn from this? Well, we recently had a story where an Army vet was charged and convicted of murder for defending himself from an Antifa terrorist who was armed with an AK-47. Why? Because this happened in Austin, TX, which is incredibly liberal. So, step one would probably be to be careful where you live. Harrison lives in California.

Second, he shouldn’t be making babies with women he’s not married to. The whole point of marriage is to make sure that there has been some communication and vetting before you get into the bedroom and make babies. Marriage protects babies from parents who are only interested in fun. Babies aren’t fun. That’s why we used to make people commit before having them.

This, look at this woman’s background. I always ask women “are your parents still married?” when taking them out on dates. It’s a very important question.

Now watch this:

The mother herself now identifies as “non-binary,” although she did not when she was dating Tinsley, court documents show.

Fourth, she runs an ultra-progressive non-profit:

LGBT issues have been a major theme in her life — she was adopted and raised by two older gay men in the Bay Area, where she still lives and runs an ultra-progressive non-profit.

What a woman does for a living is a really important clue to their personality. Don’t get involved with ultra-progressive women. Recent studies show that white progressive women have extremely high rates of mental illness and drug use.

Speaking of mental illness, here’s number five:

During the psychiatric hold at the hospital, Sawyer’s mother told a psychiatrist that she has borderline personality disorder, a condition that can involve impulsive and risky behavior, the psychiatrist later testified in San Francisco family court.

Child Protective Services investigated the police incident and concluded that Sawyer’s mother was not a safety threat to her son. Her mental health was a “complicating factor, but not a safety issue,” reads the CPS report, provided by Tinsley.

Sawyer’s mother was on five different medications for PTSD, mood stabilization, ADHD, and anxiety at the time of the CPS investigation, the CPS report said.

Sawyer’s mom can be heard on the police body cam footage mentioning that she drank alcohol earlier the same day.

You can’t count on government and courts to do the right thing for children. They don’t see women as guilty, they don’t punish them as long as they punish men, and they don’t think that male leadership is good for children. (“Smash the patriarchy”) This is why you don’t make babies with progressive women. They will do terrible things to your children (abortion, transing, let live-in boyfriends molest them, etc.) and no one will listen to you. I blogged about a case from British Columbia, Canada, and then another case from California.


Sawyer’s pediatrician, Dr. Danielle Alkov, works at a youth gender clinic that offers hormone therapy and so-called gender-affirming surgery referrals. She testified as an expert witness in court and said she has worked with children as young as 12. She also mentioned a nearby clinic that works with children as young as 3, Sawyer’s current age.

The court ordered that Alkov continue to be Sawyer’s primary care physician.

This part reminds me of the case from California that I mentioned, where the female judge refused to let the father present scientific evidence about the harm of transing his child:

Tinsley’s lawyer said he had planned to present scientific materials demonstrating the harm of treating Sawyer as if he had no gender, but they ran out of time in court.

During that trial, Sawyer’s mother said in court that she has had suicidal ideations multiple times in her life.

Also, false accusations are normally taken seriously in blue cities and blue states:

Meanwhile, she has defamed Tinsley repeatedly, he said. Sawyer’s mother has called the father of her child a rapist and even claimed Sawyer is the product of rape and that Tinsley has raped other people as well, a friend told police. She began making these allegations when Tinsley started fighting for custody, he said.

This is not the way that men should be spending their life savings:

Tinsley said he has spent all the money he ever saved on legal bills. His mother even contributed additional money, but funds are running low, he said. He recently started a fundraiser in hopes he can afford to continue fighting for custody of his son.

“I will do anything to keep my son safe and happy with who he is. I hope to inspire other parents with similar situations to be brave and speak up,” Tinsley told The Daily Wire.

In the meantime, Tinsley says he takes off work on the days he takes care of Sawyer, reading to him, taking him to the park, and spending as much time as possible with his young son.

My advice to men is to only have children with women who are staunch conservatives who hate feminism, CPS, public schools, divorce courts, socialism, etc. Otherwise, they are going to turn on you and hurt your children.

9 thoughts on “California man chooses to make a baby with a progressive woman, disaster ensues”

  1. My advice to men is to only have children with women who are staunch conservatives who hate feminism, CPS, public schools, divorce courts, socialism, etc.

    Yeah but both of those women are already married. 😉

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    1. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get married, but be open to a woman who is aware about how all this affects men.hage you listened the podcast that Rose and I do? She is pretty safe to talk to about anything.


    2. The best way to liberalize America is for conservatives to not get married and have babies. Getting married and having babies are conservative propositions.


  2. Like God said, “You stand between life and death: Choose wisely.” I left kids scattered over the US and one on Mexico. It was the 70s, and not a lot was expected of anyone. But! Most of the women I ran with were conservative at heart. Example: when my oldest was 13, his mother asked if he had been smoking weed and drinking. He said, Yeah. You do. “I’m over 21 and don’t do dope anymore.” She gave it to him open hand and from the shoulder. Then started to cry. He said that hurt more than the slap. niio


  3. I don’t feel sorry for the man nor the woman. Choices were made willingly. The only victim I see is the child.


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