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Washington House passes bill to allow government to hide children from parents

People like to throw around the word “fascism” a lot these days, without really understanding what it means. Let me explain what it means. Fascism occurs when a government uses its power to override the basic human rights of citizens. The right to free speech. The right of religious liberty. Etc. On Thursday, there was a story in the news that I think really gives a good example of fascism.

First, here’s the news from Clark County Today:

The Washington House has passed a bill allowing shelters to keep runaway juveniles from their parents to get an abortion and/or gender surgeries that include removing a girl’s breasts or uterus.

[…]Currently, if a runaway minor goes to a youth shelter, the organization must inform the parents or legal guardians within 24-72 hours. However, state law provides “compelling reasons” for them not to do so, including the belief that notifying the parents or legal guardians would subject the child to abuse or neglect.

[…]The bill does not state when or if the parents ever need to be notified of their child’s whereabouts.

Combined with HB 1469, which has passed in both chambers, the two policies would allow youth from other states to run away from home, go to a Washington youth shelter seeking an abortion or gender surgery, and the parents would not have to be notified. Also, none of the medical records related to any of those services could be obtained.

It’s the work of the feelings-oriented compassionate “don’t judge” crowd:

“I am speaking to youth across our nation, across our state, and our communities.” Rep. Tana Senn, D-Mercer Island. “I see you. I affirm you, that I hear you, that I love you. With this passage of the bill, we are saying Washington state does, too.”

[…]“Kids’ lives are literally at stake,” Rep. Nicole Macri, D-Seattle, told colleagues. “This bill is intended to keep them safe.”

Basically, if you try to parent your child in Washington state, the government will treat you like a child abuser, and take your child from you. Although you know enough to pay their salaries, you don’t know enough to raise your own child. Your child is the property of the state as much as the taxes they collect from you. You’re a slave. You have no autonomy. Your rulers know best how to spend your money, and how to regulate your religion, your morals, your home.

Republican state representative Jim Walsh has been sending out updates about the legislation, and he put out a statement Thursday night:

His government website says:

“Since the vote on SB 5599, I’ve been contacted by thousands of concerned Washingtonians about this attack on parents’ rights and families. Sponsors and supporters of this bill have overstepped the constitution and case law in promoting this policy, which would allow state bureaucrats to hide minor children from custodial parents and legal guardians. This bill is wrong—legally, ethically and morally.

“Among its many flaws, the bill assumes families that don’t ‘affirm’ a child’s short-term desires are being abusive. Wrong! Sometimes love requires parents to not affirm their child’s whims. Loving parents guide their children as they grow. Sometimes that means saying ‘no.’

“This is not the first policy approved this session that turns the power and machinery of state government against families. Lawmakers promoting these changes put wedges between children and their parents, grandparents and the people who love them.

“During floor debate, we heard the tired old cliche that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ That’s false. That notion has resulted in exploding crime rates, homelessness and rising teen suicide rates in Washington. Enough. Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s upbringing—not the government.”

SB 5599 was approved on a party-line vote of 57-39, 2 excused. The bill now heads to the Senate for a concurrence vote on the amended version of the bill.

Every single Republican voted against the bill. Every single Democrat voted for it.

The Democrat party, like all the other big government parties of the past, are aligned with fascism. They want to take control of the economy, abolish marriage, and educate children to love the government more than they love their parents.

What conservatism stands for is simple. Low taxes, free enterprise, marriage and family, human rights – including free speech and right to life, small government that is bound by a constitution which limits its power. Fascism cannot ever be a phenomenon of the political right. It is always a phenomenon of the political left. They want to take your money, and then use it to force you to live how they want you to live.

One thought on “Washington House passes bill to allow government to hide children from parents”

  1. State sponsored kiddie grooming, just like that sick and evil woman in the picture; look at her eyes. They are the windows to the soul. The Lord will have His revenge on those who injure the least of us. I won’t cheer it, but neither will I have sympathy for them when it’s time to pay the piper. I don’t think The Lord will either.


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