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Report: attacks on churches have tripled in the first three months of 2023

The Biden administration, including federal law enforcement, seems to be ignoring crimes against Christians, but the number of those crimes is climbing. There’s a new report about it put out by the Family Research Council, a conservative Washington, D.C. think tank. Here’s an article from the Daily Signal that talks about it.


Last week’s mass murder of six people at a church-run Christian school constitutes 2023’s deadliest act of violence against churches, which have increased nearly three times this year compared to last year, a new report from Family Research Council finds. The number of anti-church attacks in 2022 had already tripled over four years, a previous report found.

In all, assailants attacked churches 69 times in the first three months of 2023, compared with 24 such acts during the same period last year, a 288% increase. The rising tempo of anti-Christian assaults—which includes arsons, bomb threats, vandalism, and sacrilege—has affected places of worship in 29 states. The motives behind such desecration run the gamut from pro-abortion activism or controversies over transgender ideology to apparently senseless acts of destruction.

“American churches are increasingly bearing the brunt of anger and aggression, whether that’s from political or other motivations,” the report’s author—Arielle Del Turco, assistant director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council—told The Washington Stand. “This contributes to an environment of hostility toward Christianity.”

The acts of anti-church aggression documented between January and March of this year include:

  • 53 incidents of vandalism.
  • 10 suspicious fires.
  • Three gun-related incidents.
  • Three bomb threats—including a pipe bomb recovered outside Philadelphia’s 127-year-old St. Dominic Catholic Church.

“If this rate continues, 2023 will have the highest number of incidents of the six years FRC has tracked,” the report notes. The number of church attacks in 2023 already exceeds “the entirety of 2018, in which we identified only 50 incidents, or 2020, in which we identified 54.”

Now, this hostility against Christianity is largely caused by Christians refusing to celebrate and affirm behaviors that are self-destructive, or destructive of others, or both. The culture today seems intent on doing what feels good “in the moment”, and they aren’t able to think about what happens next. So, you have people causing permanent damage to their reproductive organs, then being surprised to find out they no longer have the ability to enjoy sex. Rather than admit that they are responsible, the people who do this turn to those who warned them, and attack.

And the people who hate Christians and churches aren’t capable of defending their views rationally.

Here’s an article from Daily Wire, about a transgender professor with multiple degrees from Harvard, who agreed to debate Michael Knowles:

Deirdre McCloskey, a trans-identifying professor, no longer wants to debate Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, dropping out of an event that was scheduled for next Tuesday at the University of Pittsburgh.

Knowles was set to appear with the University of Illinois Chicago professor at Pitt to debate “transgenderism and womanhood.”

McCloskey is utterly uninterested in finding the truth and only interested in stirring up hatred and violence towards people who do not fit his own views. That’s why he refused a formal debate.


Knowles suspected that McClosky learned it would be tough to win a debate against someone who brings arguments based on truth and love after discovering that Knowles isn’t the hateful bigot the media often portrays him to be.

“Perhaps he has learned that I’m not the loose cannon that the liberal media have dishonestly portrayed,” Knowles added. “Perhaps he’s learned that my opposition to transgenderism derives, not from hatred, but from love of the truth, in this case regarding epistemology and anthropology. Despite reiterating his willingness to debate, Professor McCloskey seems to have understood that his arguments would not have survived scrutiny, so he chose to concede rather than lose in front of CSPAN’s cameras.”

If you can’t articulate a case for your views with reasons and evidence, then what’s left? What’s left is vandalism and violence. Death threats and shouting insults. That’s what the secular left teachers and administrators in our public schools have produced. A generation of anti-intellectual barbarians with no self-control, and no rational basis for objective moral values or duties.

2 thoughts on “Report: attacks on churches have tripled in the first three months of 2023”

  1. They’ll quickly find they bit off a lot more than they can chew if they come after my church when we’re worshiping. My pastor is pretty up to date on what’s going on out there and is very security conscious. I don’t want to see anyone hurt or worse, but looking at the big picture, I’m afraid it’s going to get worse before cooler heads prevail.

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  2. The left is allowed to have actual hate speach against Christianity and it is not called out.

    The views against Christianity made by the left are not rational, factual criticism. By hatred attacks with the idea that retribution is justified.

    It only shows who has the actual hate


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