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Should secular leftists be prosecuted for hate speech that incites violence against Christians?

So, right now we are living in a time much like 1930s Germany. Back then, the socialist party picked the Jews to be the scapegoat for their problems. Today, socialists in America have picked the Christians to be their scapegoat for their problems. It’s not just violent groups like BLM and Antifa. It’s the left-wing news media. It’s left-wing hate groups like the SPLC.

Trans shooter outside the Children's Ministry
Trans shooter outside the Children’s Ministry

Let’s see the latest news about the diversity, inclusion and equity of the secular left, as reported by The Post Millennial:

Police said during a Monday press conference that the person who killed six including three children at the Covenant Christian school in Nashville was a former student of the academy, Audrey Hale, who identified as transgender and had left a detailed manifesto with plans on how to conduct the attack at the school.

Hale entered the building by shooting through a door on the side, police said. Once inside, Hale reportedly began firing at anyone in sight.

Among the victims were three 9-year-old children, Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, as well as custodian Mike Hill, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, and school head Katherine Koonce.

[…]Officers found that Hale was equipped with at least two assault rifles and a handgun, and a search of the family home in Nashville revealed detailed maps and a manifesto of the attack.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find out that a transgender activist was responsible for a mass shooting. Mass shootings in America are almost always committed by people on the secular left. This is not even the first time that there has been a mass shooting committed by a transgender activist.

Do you remember this story, reported by The Post Millennial?

Convicted school shooter Devon Erickson, now 20-years-old, was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The former high school student who was charged with opening fire alongside a transgender accomplice on “transphobic” classmates at a Colorado charter school was convicted of all 46 counts, including first-degree murder, back in June.

Erickson partnered with Maya “Alec” McKinney shot one student dead and wounded eight others when the pair executed a plan to kill the movie-watching classmates inside a darkened classroom at STEM School Highlands Ranch on May 7, 2019The two mass shooters plotted the fatal shooting just three days before graduation and entered through separate doors to maximize the number of students they’re able to kill, prosecutors said.

You might think that the secular left would want justice for the victims, but you’d be wrong. They want compassion and non-judgment for the criminals:

Social justice activists on social media advocated to #AbolishPrisons for McKinney’s release so he can “thrive as a trans person.” Leftists claimed online that “oppressive society” and “a world designed to kill us” had driven McKinney, who was born female but identifies as male, to violence and were at fault.

On Twitter, other trans activists are expressing support for the murderer, blaming Christians and explaining that Christians deserve to be attacked.

Transgender activists are even planning a “Trans Day of Vengeance” and raising money for firearms training. Firearms training.

Daily Wire reports:

A group of transgender activists is planning a “Day of Vengeance” in Washington, D.C., for March 31-April 2 while raising money for firearms training this week, according to its online materials.

The corporate news media responded to the murder of Christian children like this:

NBC News Benjamin Ryan Inciting Violence

That’s an incitement to violence. Terry Moran, Senior National Correspondent for ABC News also blamed Christians for provoking the transgender activist into murdering their children, including the daughter of the pastor. Here are more reactions to the shooting from the secular left elites, reported by The Federalist.

Although you might expect the Biden administration to focus in on groups that are actually violent, Biden’s law enforcement is more concerned with arresting concerned parents and peaceful pro-life demonstrators. After all, Democrats say, those are the real “domestic terrorists”.

Biden howling hate at Christians for the Human Rights Campaign

This isn’t even the first time that an LGBT activist was involved in domestic terrorism.

Recall this article posted at The Federalist that the Southern Poverty Law Center was the source of the “hate map” which was used by convicted domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins in his attempt to shoot and kill everyone at the Family Research Council. He was stopped by a security guard, and the video above is the footage of the attempted mass murder.


Corkins would later admit that he had located Family Research Council’s office on a “hate map” produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and he planned to shoot people in the building and smear the Chick-fil-A sandwiches on them.

[…]Much of the ensuing media coverage ignored or downplayed Corkins’ motives, which the Washington Post referred to as “a detail sure to reignite the culture wars.” A year later, Southern Poverty Law Center founder Morris Dees was still publicly defending the inclusion of Family Research Council on the organization’s “hate map.”

Just to be clear, this gay activist was convicted of domestic terrorism, and received 25 years in prison.

The SPLC has been linked to Big Tech, and also to the FBI and the armed forces. You’ll recall that the FBI has lots of time for arresting peaceful pro-life activists, and investigating concerned parents for “domestic terrorism”. They didn’t prevent this mass shooting though.

LGBT Trans Antifa Democrat Fascist Militia

So what should Christians do about this? As Christianity declines in our society, we should expect fewer people to act in ways consistent with the Bible. And that spells trouble – not just for Christians, but for society as a whole. Doctrines like “the image of God” “free will” “Heaven and Hell” “repentance” “forgiveness” etc. make a huge difference to our civil society. You can already see what is happening to unborn children in the womb, and children who are being raised by selfish adults who deprive them of their biological mother or biological father or both. We are turning away from defending the rights of the weak and helpless, and favoring adult selfishness.

For the past hundred years of so, we have accepted a version of Christianity that is comfortable for the Disney-lovers. The emotion-based people. People like Russell Moore and David French, whose first priority is to be loved by non-Christians, rather than to persuade non-Christians to love Christ. Groups like The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC and Christianity Today, that just want to get along with the secular left. These are people who accept Christianity because they have feelings about it, and who think that non-Christians reject Christianity just because they don’t have feelings about it. They have no idea whether Christianity is true as a matter of fact, because they’ve never done the work to investigate it. And that’s why they just capitulate to the hurt feelings of people on the secular left. We can’t rely on them to protect us. They stood by passively, while Christianity ceased to be viewed as a live worldview option for non-Christians. Their laziness, cowardice and ignorance put us in this mess.

How can we get back the space to live our lives consistently with our Biblical convictions? Well, we can use reason and evidence to convince non-Christians that Christians are good, moral people, and that our views are reasonable, and that our way of life is a benefit for society. We can no longer turn inward, and focus on what God has planned to entertain us. Now we have to roll up our sleeves and do the real work of the Great Commission, in the style of 1 Peter 3:15 and 2 Cor 10:5. Origin of the universe, cosmic fine-tuning, origin of life, Cambrian explosion, molecular machines, irreducible complexity, gospel authorship, minimal facts case for the resurrection, etc. We need to be able to defend our views on moral issues with reason and evidence. Our marriages should be better and more stable, and we should be raising better kids, too. Even if non-Christians aren’t convinced by our intellects and our loving relationships, they should at least respect us enough to not mass murder us.

8 thoughts on “Should secular leftists be prosecuted for hate speech that incites violence against Christians?”

  1. We also need “transgendering” listed as a mental illness. I think Uvalde and other places have been shot up by “transgenders.”

    The Left is calling for more “gun free zones,” but we need “Leftist free zones,” and especially “Transgender free zones.”


  2. Biden jokes about it because he got the results he wanted. Hey, the Christians got shot and killed, let’s go get ice cream.

    That they were white is a bonus.


  3. Thank you for another very informative article, WK.

    My only quibble would be with the sentence, “we can use reason and evidence to convince non-Christians that Christians are good, moral people, and that our views are reasonable, and that our way of life is a benefit for society.”

    We can certainly use reason and scientific evidence to point to the existence of our Creator and we can use historical evidence to identify exactly who our Creator is and was and always will be: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The evidence of who we are, however, does not point to us as good, moral people. We all fall short. Rather, we need to point to Jesus. His “views” are beyond reasonable. His life was incomparable. His death, resurrection, and ascension bring forgiveness, new life in the Spirit, and the promise of eternal life.

    PS Have you seen the talk by Gary Habermas, “Five Facts for the Resurrection by 36 AD”? I would love you to summarize its key points and comment on it.

    Keep up your great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great quibble. I’m just thinking of apologetics the way it was in the early church: “we are not crazy and we are not evil”.

      Please send me the link. But I will try tofind it.


  4. I see a lot of the blame-game going on by the news media. They aim fingers everywhere but at themselves, always. Yet, they promoted this as much as the German mass media did hitler and nazism. People like Jane Fonda should be sued for it, and any so-called journalist who demanded the deaths of Christians and Jews. This is pure nazism, and these people need to be confronted with that fact. niio

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