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The Biden administration’s plan to make “offensive” speech into a human rights violation

Last week, there were some interesting stories posted in the New York Post about how the Biden family was receiving donations from communist China. I’ll link to that story here, but I really wanted to write about another Biden story that I found in The Federalist. When you see this story, you’ll really have to wonder why so many “evangelicals” supported Joe Biden for president.

The Federalist story says:

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education plans to enact new rule changes to civil rights law this May that would end free speech as Americans have known it.

The changes would inject gender ideology straight into the heart of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act by erasing the Supreme Court’s long-standing distinction between protected speech and punishable conduct.

In its 1999 ruling in Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education, the Supreme Court held that expressive activity such as speech can only constitute harassment when it is “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive” that it can no longer be considered pure speech and is more properly viewed as actionable conduct. In the process, the court emphasized that single instances of speech — no matter how offensive to the listener — do not rise to the level of harassment.

The Biden administration is purposefully muddying the waters between mere speech and harassing conduct specifically to force the use of pronouns and gender-affirming language. Under the proposed rule, students and faculty can violate Title IX simply for refusing to use someone else’s “preferred” pronouns.

The subtitle of the article is “Biden’s America is going the way of Canada, and it’s horrible news for anyone who cares about free speech.”

The article notes:

 The administration, spurred on by power-hungry college administrators, seeks the destruction of freedom of speech by other means. It wishes for us to become Canada. In the Great White North, the alleged misuse of pronouns is not just illegal, it is a “human rights violation.”

Following a drawn-out court battle in the Canadian justice system, the court told a Canadian father that he had to stop referring to his own daughter as a girl because his daughter identified as a boy. The father rightfully refused to comply with the court order, and in May 2021, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He had originally sought mental health help for his daughter, but by the time of the litigation, she had already been “transitioning” for two years. The father was jailed as a criminal.

And that’s why I focus so much about what’s going on in Canada. They are ten years ahead of us on ending Christianity in the public square, and the Democrats want to keep up with them.

I would really like to see more recognized Christian leaders think about what rank-and-file Christians need in order to advocate for Christian values, and then protect those needs. But often, the people who are seen as leaders drop the ball.

Take a look at this quote from an article about David French from Not the Bee:

In case there was any question, French implies that preventing parents from injecting their kids with chemical castration drugs or removing their daughter’s breasts would be an infraction of “civil liberties,” and that we need to be careful that we don’t infringe on rights.

In a nation as diverse as the United States, conflicts over values are inevitable, but our most basic civil liberties must remain inviolate. To govern otherwise both inflicts a grave injury on dissenting citizens and violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution itself. Our right to speak, much less to parent, should not be contingent on our ability to gain political control.

I haven’t heard David French speak up against, say, masking kids for two years and requiring vax mandates in order to keep your job. I haven’t heard him make a case for why many civil liberties would be infringed if common weapons like AR-15s were removed from the public. I haven’t heard him speak about the rampant crime in leftist cities. Heck, I haven’t even heard much about abortion lately from him!

He has spoken out on abortion, but indirectly. By opposing Trump, he opposed Trump’s 3 Supreme Court picks. The same 3 Supreme Court picks who ended Roe v. Wade. What is his position on Roe v. Wade? He wanted a pro-abortion president to have those 3 picks, and to leave Roe v. Wade in place. That’s his view. And it’s the view of many “elite” “Christian” leaders.

I’m glad Cherise Trump (author of The Federalist article) is connecting the dots and warning us about what lies again if we don’t act. I just wish other Christians weren’t so scared about the secular left on these issues. We don’t need to make friends with people who are trying to destroy our freedoms. It’s ok to disagree with them.

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  1. Of course the supposed “Christian” leaders won’t say a thing about this. They’re more interested in being liked and obsessing of whether people are married and how many kids they have. Meanwhile, Rome burns.

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