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Pastor is assaulted and arrested for opposing drag shows where children are present

My friend McKenzie sent me a video clip from the Tucker Carlson show, where he first showed what happened to the pastor, and then asked all the leftist “Christian” leaders of our time: Beth Moore, David French, Tim Keller, etc. why they have nothing to say about free speech and religious liberty. I have the video of the Tucker segment in this post, and link to a couple of news articles.

Here’s the video to start:

It’s SO IMPORTANT that American Christians understand what the secular left does to Christians who take the Bible seriously. How are we supposed to behave as Christians, if we don’t have the same rights to free speech as everyone else does? Can you imagine the Canadian government and police arresting a Muslim like that? They would never do it. But they do it to Christians without hesitation.

And here’s the story from The Post Millennial:

On Thursday, Derek Reimer, the pastor at Mission 7 Ministries in Calgary was charged and arrested for mischief and causing a disturbance for his protest during a Drag Queen Story Hour event at Seton Library on Saturday.

According to Rebel News, Reimer was “forcibly removed by proponents of a Drag Queen Story Hour event” that was held at the Canadian library over the weekend. Video from the event shows several men pushing Reimer out of the room and shoving him to the ground.

After he gets up Reimer says, “It’s very abusive in there. For love is love, that looks like very hateful, very abusive.”

CTV reports that Mayor Jyoti Gondek has said she will unpack the “reasons” Canadian law enforcement could not use existing street harassment laws to crack down on protestors of drag queen story hour events.

According to Rebel News, Gondek “promised to weaponize Calgary’s anti-street harassment bylaws to prevent anti-drag show protests.”

Calgary police arrived at Reimer’s home on Wednesday and told him he was going to be arrested but did not complete the arrest at that time.

[…]Reimer was arrested previously for protesting at a different “all-ages” drag queen show.

“Reimer was the second client of the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund’s (TDF) Fight The Fines program, after receiving Covid tickets for feeding the homeless, an act the City of Calgary called ‘illegal gatherings,'” reports Rebel News.

Interesting about the mayor of Calgary. Calgary used to be considered the most conservative of Canada’s major cities. But that was before they started electing a string of radical leftists, and not just at the municipal level, but at the provincial level as well.

Daily Wire had more, specifically about the Tucker Carlson clip:

Carlson noted that the administration of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has actively opposed Christian and conservative movements in recent years. “On some level, all governments hate religious people, because it’s competition. And revolutionary governments, totalitarian governments, go after religious people first,” he observed. “That is the measure of a free country in the end: are you allowed to believe that there’s an authority higher than the people in charge of your government?”

[…]“Canada has now become an atheist totalitarian state with amazing speed,” Carlson remarked. “In Canada, it’s now a crime to object to sexualized drag shows for children.”

Several Canadian ministers were likewise arrested for opening their churches despite government lockdown mandates. Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Alberta garnered international attention as videos of police officers detaining him in front of his sobbing children and using helicopters to discover where his church had been secretly meeting circulated online. Stephens spent three weeks in jail and was served six provincial tickets for his alleged breach of public health orders, all of which were eventually dropped or cleared.

This was my favorite part – Tucker Carlson went after the big name leftist “Christian” leaders, who always seem to take the side of secular leftist Democrats who trample over the rights of Christians:

Carlson also referenced “professional Christians” who have frequently remained silent on governmental overreach and widespread disregard for biblical sexual ethics. “Where is David French, Beth Moore, Tim Keller, and all these people who are defending Christianity as actual Christians are being arrested for being Christians? Not a word.”

Daily Wire journalist Megan Basham has reported over the past several months about professed theological conservatives, including French and Keller, cooperating with efforts from the Biden administration to encourage mask-wearing and receiving the COVID vaccine. Keller and French also lauded former National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, who has declared himself an “ally” of the LGBTQ movement and supported fetal human tissue research during his tenure, as a faithful Christian.

It’s too bad that these Evangelicals for Biden clowns are still respected by some ill-informed people in the church. Anyone can see what the secular left is doing, and their policies and laws are opposed to Christian values, and Christian freedoms. We need to be more serious about picking role models. I prefer people who fight against the secular left.

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  1. Steve Deace show on the Blaze told a story where a drag show was scheduled at a local library. Various churches sent people to show up an hour early who took all available seats. Overflow stood at the rear consisting of suburban mothers and their children. The pastor pointed out to the librarian that the fire code was being violated so all the children had to leave. During the drag show, all the seated Christians bowed their heads and prayed for the duration. While Satan wept.

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