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Canada intelligence agency: China helped elect Trudeau’s Liberals in 2021 election

Once in a while, I have to put up a post about Canada. It’s important because we have to know what the left is doing in countries where they have more power. We recently saw the Canadian socialist party deploy the military to crush peaceful demonstrations. They also froze the bank accounts of those peaceful demonstrators. It turns out that their elections are being manipulated by China.

This article is from the Globe and Mail, the more leftist of Canada’s two national newspapers:

China employed a sophisticated strategy to disrupt Canada’s democracy in the 2021 federal election campaign as Chinese diplomats and their proxies backed the re-election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals – but only to another minority government – and worked to defeat Conservative politicians considered to be unfriendly to Beijing.

The full extent of the Chinese interference operation is laid bare in both secret and top-secret Canadian Security Intelligence Service documents viewed by The Globe and Mail that cover the period before and after the September, 2021, election that returned the Liberals to office.

I need to explain what an MP is. An MP is a “Member of Parliament”, similar to our House representatives in Congress.


Drawn from a series of CSIS intelligence-gathering operations, the documents illustrate how an orchestrated machine was operating in Canada with two primary aims: to ensure that a minority Liberal government was returned in 2021, and that certain Conservative candidates identified by China were defeated.

The documents say the Chinese Communist Party leadership in Beijing was “pressuring its consulates to create strategies to leverage politically [active] Chinese community members and associations within Canadian society.” Beijing uses Canadian organizations to advocate on their behalf “while obfuscating links to the People’s Republic of China.”

The classified reports viewed by The Globe reveal that China’s former consul-general in Vancouver, Tong Xiaoling, boasted in 2021 about how she helped defeat two Conservative MPs.

Would you like to live in a country that allowed its elections to be influenced by a communist Superpower? I would not.

So, a lot of the voters in Canada were being influenced by Chinese propaganda, and they were not in a position to be able to correct the lies. They voted on the basis of disinformation from a foreign power. And of course Trudeau did nothing to stop it, because he wanted the help from his fellow communists. I’m surprised that this is all even coming out now.

Here’s a post from True North, a centrist blog:

Legacy media outlets amplified disinformation about Freedom Convoy protesters last year, according to Public Order Emergency Commissioner (POEC) Paul Rouleau’s report assessing the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act.

Rouleau’s report found that the news media’s portrayal of the demonstrations was an attempt to discredit the movement.

“I am also satisfied that there was misinformation about the Freedom Convoy, which was used as a basis to unfairly discredit all protesters. In one example, protesters were blamed for an act of arson in an apartment building, which the police later confirmed had no links to the protests,” wrote Rouleau.

“Where there was misinformation and disinformation about the protests, it was prone to amplification in news media. OPP Superintendent Pat Morris testified that, as the officer leading the collection of intelligence for the OPP, what he was seeing in the media did not always reflect what the intelligence was showing.”

The arson hoax was spread by legacy media outlets reporting on the incident and federal politicians including NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and a number of Liberal and NDP MPs.

Other false claims spread by media outlets about the Freedom Convoy included a fake poster shared by the far-left Anti-Hate Network. At the height of the protests, the organization’s chair Bernie Farber posted a tweet including a picture of an antisemitic poster that was later found to have originated in Miami, Florida and not Ottawa.

Talk about 1984. Almost everything that Canadians hear about in the culture is just designed to mislead them and confuse them. They are living in a dream world. When I talk to Canadians, they think that our suburbs are filled with gun violence. They don’t know about free health care for the poor (Medicaid) and the elderly (Medicare). They have no idea. It seems like they just don’t have access to reliable information. So even as their housing prices are going through the roof, and they are running up consumer debts, they still keep voting for the policies that take aware their liberty and prosperity.

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  1. Even after the 2015 election, I caught and article about Elections Canada finding the results were unduly affected by “registered third parties”. There were something like 50 registered third parties (legal) during that election campaign, which allows them to create their own advertising, etc. What was found is that many of these registered third parties were funded by foreign organizations (illegal), most from the US. The results of that election should have been thrown out once that was determined. Instead, the story disappeared.

    Now we have an “inquiry” that found the invocation of the war measures act, now called the emergency act, was warranted. The judge running the commission? Appointed as a judge by T2, appointed to the commission by T2, actively involved in Liberal politics – and T2’s cousin, by marriage. The entire inquiry was a farce.

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