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Dr. Stephen C. Meyer explains intelligent design for Prager University

I had some very good conversations during the Christmas break, and some of them were about the existence of God and intelligent design. I thought it might be a good idea to help everyone to get an overview of the evidence for a creator and designer using short videos. Dr. Stephen C. Meyer is probably the best author, speaker and debater on these issues, so here is his overview.

It’s a series of five 5-minute videos published by Prager University.

Here’s number 1: Are Religion And Science In Conflict?


Does belief in God get in the way of science? The idea that science and religion are inevitably in conflict is a popular way of thinking today. But the history of science tells a different story.

Here’s number 2: How Did The Universe Begin?


Was the universe always here, or did it have a beginning? If so, how did it start? Mankind has debated these questions for centuries and has only recently begun to find some answers. And those answers may point to some even more intriguing conclusions.

Here’s number 3: Aliens, The Multiverse, Or God?


Even staunch Darwinists have acknowledged that life in the universe displays an appearance of design, rather than being created out of random chance. If that’s true, where did that design come from? In other words, does a design require a designer?

Here’s number 4: What Is Intelligent Design?


Chances are if you’ve heard anything about intelligent design, you’ve heard that it’s faith-based, not science-based. Is that true? Or does modern science, in fact, point us in the direction of a designing intelligence?

Here’s number 5: What’s Wrong With Atheism?


Is there any meaning to life? Or is life nothing more than a cosmic accident? Scientific atheists claim the latter, but ironically, it’s science itself that suggests the former.

If this looks interesting to you, you should check out Dr. Stephen C. Meyer’s three-book series on creation and design. The first book talks about the origin of life. The second book talks about the fossil record. The third book talks about the origin of the universe, and cosmic fine-tuning.

These videos are just an introduction to these arguments. To really understand the details, you have to read deeply about them. That’s why these books are necessary. Christians can only be persuasive when they understand this material well.

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