Abortion Activists Bomb Pro-Life Group Office With Molotov Cocktails

Pro-abortion tolerance: woman arrested for praying silently outside of abortion clinic

If I had to choose a country where masculinity was at its lowest ebb, I’d pick the UK. The UK has been dominated by secular left feminists for decades. They hate everything about the male character. Guns are completely banned. People who defend themselves from criminals are arrested and jailed. Fathers are punished in divorce courts. And free speech is banned because it is “offensive”.

Here’s the latest from the Daily Wire:

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, a 45-year-old charity volunteer, was arrested and charged on four counts after she told police she “might” be silently praying near the U.K.’s leading provider of NHS-funded abortion services BPAS Robert Clinic in Kings Norton, Birmingham, according to local media.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) published footage earlier this week showing authorities approaching Vaughan-Spruce outside the clinic. During the interaction, authorities questioned why Vaughn Spruce was standing outside the abortion facility “of all places.”

“Are you standing here as part of a protest?” asked the officer.

“No, I’m not protesting,” Vaughan-Spruce said.

“Are you praying?” the police officer asked her.

“I might be praying in my head,” she replied.

ADF said authorities confronted the woman after receiving complaints from an observer who suspected that Vaughan-Spruce was praying silently in her mind.

[…]Police arrested Vaughan-Spruce on December 6 and subsequently charged her on December 15 with four counts of failing to comply with a Public Space Protection Order in so-called censorship zones, which authorities introduced to criminalize individuals appearing to be “engaging in any act of approval or disapproval or attempted act of approval or disapproval.”

I think it’s very important for American Christians and conservatives to understand how far secular leftism goes. This is not a worldview that takes direction from reality. Secular leftism is nothing more than the desire to seek happiness for the self at the expense of the weakest and the most vulnerable. When confronted with disapproval, secular leftists respond by using the state to silence and then destroy those who disapprove. Secular leftism is not compatible with human rights. Secular leftism emerges from “survival of the fittest”. They want to behave irresponsibly and recklessly, kill anyone (the unborn) who gets in their way, and then silence anyone who disapproves.

It’s not surprising to me that the UK would go in this direction, but this sort of secular left pro-abortion radicalism is also the dominant view of the Democrat party, and in federal law enforcement.

Consider this article from The Federalist:

The Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the indictment of pro-life activist Herb Geraghty on Oct. 14, bringing the number of apparently nonviolent pro-life protesters targeted under the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act by President Joe Biden’s DOJ this year to 22. Meanwhile, the agency has yet to announce a single arrest or indictment against any of the vandals or arsonists who terrorized and firebombed crisis pregnancy centers after the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

I think the USA is different, because here there is still a chance that Republicans can get in and reform these immoral, corrupt federal law enforcement agencies so they don’t arrest pro-lifers for silent prayer. But time is running out.

One thought on “Pro-abortion tolerance: woman arrested for praying silently outside of abortion clinic”

  1. If we didn’t have the 1st Amendment and some exceptionally strong Christian sidewalkers and attorneys willing to go to court for years, we would already be in the same place that the UK is. Even with the 1st Amendment, Democrats have tried to enact buffer zones for decades in Amerika, although those keep getting struck down in courts as unConstitutional.

    But, the UK does not have freedom of speech or religion – not for Christians anyway.

    What’s interesting in this case is that the Christian woman said that she might be praying, she might be thinking of lunch, she might be thinking of nothing. They arrested her anyway. These are the the kinds of English thugs who arrested a woman for posting that men are men and women are women on facebook and arrested a preacher for merely preaching what the Bible says on homosexuality. In other words, they are a woke version of the Gestapo.

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