My new pastor had a slide about the Candace Cameron Bure story in his sermon yesterday

So, I’m trying out a new church that has held apologetics conferences in back to back years, featuring real old-Earth evidential Christian apologists! Yesterday was my first time going to the service. I was impressed. Not only did the pastor have slides about current events, but he actually quoted from books by non-Christians: Andrew Doyle and Douglas Murray.

I took a picture of the slide and then found the story in The Federalist.

Here’s what it says:

Candace Cameron Bure, the Hallmark Channel queen who rose to fame as D.J. Tanner on “Full House,” just wants to make Christmas movies that spread the joy and wholesomeness of Christmas and of her Christian faith. To that end, she recently moved from Hallmark to Great American Family, a new, smaller channel “that is positioning itself as the God-and-country alternative for holiday entertainment.”

For the crime of wanting to make a product that aligns better with her Christian faith, Bure is getting slammed as a bigot. But instead of apologizing for her convictions, Bure’s words and actions indicate she’s more interested in spreading the love of Christ than appeasing her Hollywood haters.

This is the part my new pastor mentioned:

Prompted by a question about whether same-sex relationships will be central features of her films, Bure said in her interview with the Journal, “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.”

For that line, Bure was chastised by former Hallmark colleagues and other fellow stars from JoJo Siwa to Maren Morris, Chrishell Stause, and even Bure’s former “Full House” costar Jodie Sweetin, who commented her support for Siwa’s post slamming Bure.

I thought this was interesting, because Rose and I just did an episode of Knight and Rose Show to help Christians get better at defending traditional marriage, and it’s already one of our most popular episodes.

(If you like audio podcasts better than YouTube, you can find everything here)

In our episode, we covered a whole bunch of research showing why a male-female household is better for raising children. And we answered a bunch of objections against traditional marriage. Instead of arguing from any religious premises, we argued from natural law and peer-reviewed research. If you missed the episode, download it and have a listen. It was only 40 minutes long.


As everyone knows, I’m very picky about churches. I refuse to attend churches that aren’t doing anything to oppose feminism, socialism and secularism. Many people in my life pick on me for not going to church, but when I tell them why, they don’t listen. Instead of trying to find me a church that has demonstrated ability in the areas where Christianity is under attack, they just say “go to church”. One woman even admitted to me that the reason I have to go to church is so that I’ll get married, because I am supposedly depriving some woman by not handing her the results of my education, career and finances.

What I want to say to the “go to church” people is that it’s not up to me to go to churches that aren’t doing anything other than pressuring men to marry women. The churches have to be doing something about the things that men care about. Then the men will show up to the churches. It’s supple-side economics. Innovation comes from the supplier, not the consumer. Every time people say “go to church” without solving the problem, it just makes me go to church less.

What actually worked was when my  practical, ex-military pro-life advocate friend Nathan sent me a screenshot of the apologetics conference, with the heads of two of my favorite Christian apologists in it. I know that one of those speakers is publicly conservative, and the other is secretly conservative. And both of them are evidentialists. I decided to give this church a try, because they hosted two apologetics conferences. I also found out from the pastor that they refused to mask up or lock down during COVID. The pastor is clearly opposed to “social justice”. He must have mentioned that phrase a dozen times in the sermon. I told a few of the guys in my office about the speakers at the apologetics conference, and they wanted to try church too.

Sadly, the church has very loud music. But they do have free ear plugs! So, I just used ear plugs to keep the music out. I was even able to sing one of the hymns, because it was classical. I love classical hymns. Everything new sucks! Still, it’s the sermons that matter to me, so I’m going to keep going. So far, so good. I’m not picky about music, I just care that the pastor fights where the secular left is pushing against Christianity.

12 thoughts on “My new pastor had a slide about the Candace Cameron Bure story in his sermon yesterday”

  1. I am a pastor, and I preach against all that mess! I spent years immersed in the study of the USSR and Stalin’s murderous reign was my focus….almost did a Phd in Soviet history….just ask any Cuban or Russian old enough to remember what communism is like….
    I see now God used that so I could see it appearing in our society today….it isn’t even necessary to study it, but just study the Bible and you see the evils of today….and NO, Jesus and the early church were NOT socialists, they sold their goods for the benefit of the community of believers but they didn’t sell everything they owned and to do so was not compulsory under threat of force!
    We have to be very careful of the church we attend, my denomination is fracturing even as I write this, and these are trying times to be a pastor, but God is with us!

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  2. Don’t dismiss the noise component. I left a church because it was too loud twenty years ago. They are still really loud. I would have been distracted and angry all those years had I tried to tough it out. If they had blinding lights or unbearable heat (that they had control over), it would matter. We worship in our bodies, so senses have a role.


  3. Possible noise solution an objective guy like you might like. Take a decibel meter to church and see if it is at unhealthy levels. Then you’ll have a solid basis to bring it up.


    1. That sounds like a very “Karen” thing to do. If the congregation did not like it, I’m sure multiple people would bring it up. Unfortunately that’s what most people like these days.


  4. I’m glad that you find a decent church, WK.

    For the most part, Western churches are where souls go to die. They are not even remotely similar to 1st Century churches. Even if some of the people in the congregation ARE born again, the watered down sermons will guarantee that there is near-zero sanctification.

    As someone who believes, along with Wesley, that you CAN lose your salvation, I have seen strong faith people in these churches fall away or lack any sanctification, which is largely the same thing. Grow or die, as the gardener knows too well.

    A hearty THANK YOU to the rare pastors who DO preach on Hell, and against abortion, sodomy, divorce, gay “marriage,” transgendering children, drag queen and public school groomers, etc.


  5. This was a great post and wonderful to read! I had some of these thoughts earlier and started wondering about where I stand on church and you literally wrote what I thought I was being too picky about.

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  6. Peace from our Lord, I can’t thank you enough for your blog. I am a Coptic orthodox believer. I would advise you to find one of our churches near to you. we have a lot of churches that use English more than Arabic in the liturgy and during the sermon. Our church started to ordain a lot of American Egyptian priests. so please try to visit more than one of our churches until you find a Coptic church that speaks more English than Arabic. May God guid you and reward you for your service.


  7. When it comes to music in a church I am an odd mix of styles. I like many genres.

    But I don’t know most worship songs and never have. As I I find worship music had always been too boring to just listen to tapes of it. But over time I will find a few I like at different services

    On the good side worship music is always so simplistic in style I can sing in church even when I don’t know the song. After about two lines I can guess the melody enough to sing along to songs I don’t know


  8. I don’t mind when pastors cover topics but I caution against too much of picking a political leader as an ideal during a sermon itself.

    Even though my church I attend the pastor will never say anything good about pm Trudeau. But where I live that is a safe topic.

    If you walked around town with an I love Trudeau flag in your car I think it would eventually disappear. I have never of damage to an F Trudeau flag or sign around this area. Must have happened but it is rare


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