Jessee Graham Single Mother

Should a man marry a woman who supports sexualizing children?

There was a very interesting story earlier this week about a single mom of four in Tennessee named Jessee Graham. She is now famous for protesting against the removal of obscene LGBT materials from the local public library, which is funded by taxpayers. Even the White House re-tweeted her protest speech.

Here is the video of her speech, and full text is below:


WATCH THIS Jessee Graham @librealtorn spoke out against a conservative group during a Maury County, Tennessee Board of Trustees meeting after a library director allegedly resigned due to pressure from the group over a Pride display and LGBTQ books they deemed inappropriate. #bannedbooks #ally #bansoff #tennessee #lgbtq #censorship #maurycounty #librarylove #kidsbooks

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You really have to see the look on her face when she’s talking. That looks like hatred to me.

Full text:

Our town has never seen so much homophobic crap as we have since Miller came along, and I’m sick of it. These people have been with us this entire time, and we have never had a problem with it. They have never done any of the vile and disgusting things that that man and his weird cronies have leaked out of their mouth.

I’ve never been sexually assaulted at a drag show, but I have been in church—twice.

And I’ll tell you what, the men at that church told me it was my fault. This whole scenario should have stopped at the United States of America where we have free speech, but it didn’t.

We’re here, and it’s so ironic that he also served in the military that guarantees us these freedoms, moved from another place to come here and tell us that a community that we love, we are related to, we are friends with, that we work with, that they’re dangerous. That’s bullsh*t. They haven’t done anything and I am so sick of listening to this weird, fake pious crap about Christianity being the reason behind—we have to protect the kids. Jesus didn’t go anywhere and condemn people. He did not ever walk into any place spew hatred and lies and completely annihilate a group of human beings who just want to exist. Any of my four children that I also grew inside my womb in case pious pippies here are part of this community, they will be lucky because there is not a whole lot of families that would love their child unconditionally. And the fact that they want to take that away from children, that is child abuse. To immediately tell your child he is wrong for feeling like he doesn’t belong. Conversion therapy, child abuse. And you don’t need a moral compass to recognize something is wrong when it immediately hurts other people.

So why are we even here? Why does hate even have a platform? I am so sick of these straight, white, Christian males who are already at the top of the food chain acting like somebody is out to get them. They just want to exist, Aaron. Peacefully. Leave them alone. I’m done, love to you all.

Her speech was cited favorably by a wide range of secular left sources, from the mainstream media (CNN) to LGBT publications (the Los Angeles Blade), and a variety of progressive blogs.

The Los Angeles Blade called her on the phone, and she told them:

I’m raising four children, eleven- to two-years old, and statistically speaking, one in five kids is queer. I do not want my children to inherit a world that puts a target on their back for being their perfect selves. I’m sick of the hate.

A lot of people have not studied the Bible but want to redefine Christianity so that it means “doing whatever makes me feel good, and not being judged for it”. I know a lot of church-attenders who would side with Jessee. A lot of pastors, too. The only rule is to make everyone feel good about whatever they are doing.

And then when it destroys the lives of the children a few years later, then they just feign surprise. “I am so shocked that the child we cut the organs off of is unhappy!” Just like the people who voted for Biden to attack the oil and gas industry, and are now shocked by higher electricity and gas prices. They do what feels good in the moment – what makes people like them – and then when it explodes in their faces, they scream and swear at the people who warned them, and feign surprise at the logical consequences of their own actions.

It’s very funny that she talks about how terrible those “weird, fake, pious” Christians in church are. It’s getting to be a daily occurrence now that we find stories like this one from Fox News, about her friends in the LGBT movement:

A transgender activist in New York City was arrested and charged for allegedly soliciting a minor, legal documents show.

Trans and HIV activist Lailani Muniz was arrested last month in the Bronx after corresponding with someone whom Muniz thought was a 14-year-old boy identified as “Josh” on the LGBT dating app Grindr, according to the criminal complaint obtained by Fox News Digital.

“Josh,” however, was actually a man who works at the nonprofit NY Creeps Spotlight, which exposes people who target children. The man asked Fox News Digital to only be identified as FM.

The secular left is celebrating her because they agree with her that adults should not control their desires for the sake of children’s rights. And they don’t want to be judged for harming children.

Where are all the good men?

A lot of women today don’t like men like Aaron Miller. Men with strong views on religion and morality. These women choose men who lack strong views on religion and morality. And then those men abuse them or leave them, because men who “don’t judge” don’t judge themselves when they do immoral things to you. Those are the REAL bad men. Not Aaron Miller, who is trying to be a faithful Christian man.

Where are all the good men? They are smart enough not to get into a marriage relationship with women who hate their goodness. And no amount of screeching, swearing, shaming or blaming is going to pressure a good man into marrying a woman who puts adult selfishness above the needs of children.

12 thoughts on “Should a man marry a woman who supports sexualizing children?”

  1. She left out the parts about what Jesus did to Sodom and Gomorrah, and what happens to LGBTQPWXYZ on Judgment Day.


  2. Matthew 12:34
    You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.
    Three times in the Gospel of Matthew and once in Luke is Jesus quoted calling groups of people a “brood of vipers”. That sounds like a condemnation to me.

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  3. I know w of churches in the past that have covered things up.

    But the good thing is you are free to leave that church and not go or find a better church if it occurred.

    In cases of all the far left indoctrinatiors they are hard to avoid because it is protected by the state. I fear more those that are protected by police, law and politicians. Than a few that could just make you feel hurt by mean feelings.

    Most of what she said was a bunch of babble and must reflected her feelings no real context or facts existed

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    1. I dont like when people decide whether God exists and whether the Bible is true based on being disappointed by people. That would be like rejecting the truth of calculus because you don’t like your calculus professor.


      1. It is often fake in most cases. Even ones I know legit hurt by someone will often deligitimize anothers hurt

        It often comes back to you can’t make me feel bad but my feelings can harm you or make you feel bad

        A highly selfish and common view we see today.

        People that never enter a church will claim harm from God and Christianity somehow and when they don’t I don’t even engage most the time. If I know thee person I may ask do you want a twenty or thirty min answer.

        They say no and I move on. Because on any perceived hard topic there is no meme answer that is quick it requires an open conversation and someone like the woman in the article doesn’t want an open discussion

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  4. My answer to the title of this article is, no, obviously they shouldn’t marry a woman who advocates this. But neither should a woman marry a man who advocates this. The malarkey that this woman referred to in the post goes on about is all sin and deception in which the god of this world has blinded unbelievers and it is going downhill fast. Your take on what people are wanting these days is spot on. Everything we think or feel should be right and we should be able to not only do it but everyone has to like it. Their view of the Christian position is out of context, warped, and wrong…as usual. I think you undermine your argument when you piggyback this story to the other issue.

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